Russia Readying To Attack Our Electric Grid?

Ran across this very scary article yesterday concerning hacking into computer systems that control power plants and our electric grid, including nuclear power plants. The fact that this happened should send shivers down your spine.

“Hackers working for a foreign government recently breached at least a dozen U.S. power plants, including the Wolf Creek nuclear facility in Kansas, according to current and former U.S. officials, sparking concerns the attackers were searching for vulnerabilities in the electrical grid.

The rivals could be positioning themselves to eventually disrupt the nation’s power supply, warned the officials, who noted that a general alert was distributed to utilities a week ago. Adding to those concerns, hackers recently infiltrated an unidentified company that makes control systems for equipment used in the power industry, an attack that officials believe may be related.

The chief suspect is Russia, according to three people familiar with the continuing effort to eject the hackers from the computer networks. One of those networks belongs to an aging nuclear generating facility known as Wolf Creek — owned by Westar Energy Inc., Great Plains Energy Inc. and Kansas Electric Power Cooperative Inc. — on a lake shore near Burlington, Kansas.

The possibility of a Russia connection is particularly worrisome, former and current officials say, because Russian hackers have previously taken down parts of the electrical grid in Ukraine and appear to be testing increasingly advanced tools to disrupt power supplies.”

The article gives a very in depth analysis of our vulnerability and it is not real comforting. Such attacks have taken place on smaller scales in other countries successfully.

One of the aspects that the article does not delve into is the political atmosphere in this country. When you think of it, this may be a critical factor in our response to an attack.

First we have a president who is less than interested in doing his job and much more interested in golfing, watching TV and pursuing personal vendettas.

The administration has a policy of putting people in decision making positions based less on expertise and much more based on their loyalty to the president and how they look. In this case one of the most critical positions would be that of Secretary of Energy. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry was placed in that position. Six months into his tenure he as yet seems to have little idea what his job is.

Competent lower level administrators are being ignored or are leaving and not being replaced. Clearly running the country in a competent manner is not a high priority.

And one final concern is the president’s admiration for the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Will this lead to hesitation in responding to threats in a responsible manner.

This administration has demonstrated incompetence from the word go. These demonstrated incompetences display vulnerabilities to those who wish to harm us.

These are the unspoken consequences of voting for a party whose priority for 37 years has been to dismantle our government. Voting for spite for a rich thug with no competence is a poor way to get a functioning government.

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