Tom Greene And The Cost Of Insulin

CapitalistsTom Greene, who is sadly my state senator, was the deserved subject of an editorial blast from the Des Moines Register on July 4th. Seems that Mr. Greene responded to a previous Register editorial concerning the exorbitant price increases for insulin that is necessary for some diabetic sufferers to stay alive.

Greene’s response was that these people simply need to get more active and watch what they eat. His expertise in this area is that he is a retired pharmacist and has dealt with diabetics in his business. Republicans in congress who are in the process of playing God with the lives of millions use similar logic to justify voting to take away access to health care and hasten their death or suffering.

It must make their conscience feel good to blame their cruelty on those who will be the victims of their cruelty. Based on Tom Greene’s logic, they deserve their suffering.

What happened to the country where we cared about our fellow human beings? Oddly caring for our fellow man is the very basis of the Christianity that Greene professes to follow.

Tom Greene wasn’t sent to Des Moines to preach to us on morality. He was sent to solve problems, one of which is the insane cost of life saving drugs for diabetics.

Nor were Republican congress members sent to Washington to moralize. We expect all members of congress to solve life threatening problems, not to become those life threatening problems.

Remember these things well, citizens. When you go to the voting booth think which person you will vote for could you depend on in a life threatening situation. Anyone who has followed the Republican Party for the past 30 years realizes that they are the last ones you want in problem solving situations.

The Tom Greenes and the Rod Blums, David Youngs and Steve Kings need to be sent packing. We need problem solvers not scape-goaters and problem makers whose only concern is their donors.

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