100th Anniversary Of JFK’s Birth

Kennedy Inaugural speech

There simply couldn’t be a greater contrast between presidents than the contrast between the man born 100 years ago tomorrow and the current president.

President Kennedy was a man of intelligence, wit, charm and grace. He had an elegance about him. While he was born into a family of wealth, Kennedy understood the plight of the poor, the marginalized, the elderly and those who at that time did not fit in the narrow confines of acceptable humans in this country. Kennedy and his successor, President Johnson worked hard to break barriers and open society for those who were not then able to enjoy the blessings of this country.

President Kennedy’s push in the areas of civil rights was met with a brick wall. He was not dissuaded from what he knew was right and just. After his death at the hands of an assassin, some of his dreams such as civil rights legislation and Medicare did in fact become law and part of his legacy. America and Americans were much better because of John F. Kennedy.

Often Kennedy would disarm an opponent with a witty quip. Yet he was a man with a steel trap mind who was as mentally tough as any opponent during the cold war.

We have learned over the years that severe pain was his constant companion. Yet the public heard nary a word of it while he suffered in silence. Kennedy was also a war hero who. as many of the WWII era, seldom spoke of his deeds. When asked about his heroism when his PT boat was sunk by the enemy, Kennedy remarked

“It was involuntary. They sank my boat.”

JFK was our nation’s 35th president. Dial forward now ten presidents to the current occupant of the White House.

Most of our readers know the litany of what a boorish and pathetic human Donald Trump is. Everything that happens must in some way be related to him. He seems to care not one whit about anyone but himself. JFK called for Americans to sacrifice for the good of the country. Trump refuses to even step away from his business ventures as called for in the constitution for the good of the country.

While Kennedy worked and fought for the rights of all citizens, Trump uses his office and power to divide the country and marginalize those considered “others.” Whereas Kennedy worked in the open and treated the press with the respect and dignity they deserve, Trump uses his power to denigrate the press. Trump works hard daily to undermine the press and to undermine the first amendment of the constitution.

Kennedy worked hard to build and maintain our alliances, especially those against the Russia. Donald Trump invites Russia into the very inner circles of our government and gives them state secrets. At the same time he undermines relationships that have taken half a century or more to build.

Rather than asking his fellow countrymen to sacrifice for their country the current president sees the government as yet one more way to cash in big time on the suckers that put him in charge of the country, just like he cashed in on the suckers that signed up for his fraudulent university.

We could list contrasts for hours. How did a country that once elected a person of ideals and dreams yet grounded in reality in less than 60 years become a country that elected a person who sees the country as just another mark and its citizens as just a larger group of rubes to be fleeced?

America greatly longs for a person of Kennedy’s vision, intelligence, wit and grace once more. We have them within our midst. They are named Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, Jay Inslee, Al Franken, Amy Klobachar, even Robert Reich.

Donald Trump is like a cancer that is infecting the American body. His removal is essential to restoring this country to its potential. There may not be another John F. Kennedy, but there are some that may come close. When given the chance they will like President Kennedy put the good of the country first.

JFK – we choose to go to the moon

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