Sunday Funday: Memorial Day Solemnity

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Sadly, our current president has turned the war making over to the generals to handle with little interference from the administration. Anybody want to guess what will happen? Anyone think our generals will be looking for peaceful ways to solve problems?

When a soldier dies for his country his or her death should have been for a reason that is transcendent. Keeping pipelines open or access to oil is not a good enough reason to ask a man to die. The current president does not seem to understand the solemn responsibility of a commander-in-chief. This was seen in his first month as he ordered a poorly planned raid in Yemen.

On this Memorial Day consider not just the loss of the soldier, but the affect of his or her loss on their parents, their spouse and children, their siblings and other relatives and their friends.

Once again what a week. Were you paying attention?

1) Being a Person of Interest isn’t always a good thing. Who was named this week as a person of Interest by the FBI in the unfolding Russia interference scandal?

2) Not quite arm wrestling. What two western leaders engaged in a white knuckle, iron grip handshake at theNATO summit in Brussels?

3) The Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey circus had its last show last week. When did this circus have its first show?

4) What unexpected incident happened on the eve of the special election for congress in Montana Wednesday night?

5) On May 24th, 1844 Samuel Morse moved communications by light years when he sent the first what?

6) What former Iowa state senator and lieutenant governor died last weekend?

7) In a call to Philippine President Duterte, the current president once more publicly released military secrets concerning the location of what?

8) Prior to that screw up, the president incurred the wrath of the British government when he revealed what to the US press before the Brits wanted the information released?

9) In a karmic occurrence, big game hunter Theunis Botha died when what happened?

10) In Mississippi, Rep. Karl Oliver called for what punishment for those who remove confederate monuments?

11) It is not a bribe, but Ivanka Trump got a pledge for how much from the Saudis and UAE for a charity that has not been established yet?

12) So who is the governor of Iowa these days?

13) The CEO of what major American automaker was ousted last week after huge stock declines under his leadership?

14) House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi promised what legislation if Dems win the House in 2018?

15) While Trump’s tour of Europe was a disaster, what former politician was greeted by huge crowds?

16) Suave and debonair, what actor who died last week was best known for his portrayal of British spy James Bond?

17) Pope Paul gave Trump some reading material for the trip home. The Pope gave his encyclical on what subject to Trump?

18) Once more Fox News had some unexpected vacation in its midst when what evening mainstay suddenly had vacation?

19) What Indiana company where Trump claimed to have saved 1100 jobs (actually 800) announce layoffs of 600 for this year?

20) Tax receipts are coming in slowly, so administration officials are calling on congress to do what earlier than anticipated?

John Fugelsang described the meeting between the Pope and the current president as “His Holiness meets his assholiness.”


1) Presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner

2) Trump and newly elected French leader Emmanuel Macron

3) most trace it to 1871 when PT Barnum created his “Great Traveling Museum”

4) Republican candidate Greg Gianforte assaulted a reporter from the Guardian when the reporter asked him a question.

5) telegraph message from Baltimore to Washington, DC. The message was “what nth God wrought?”

6) Joy Corning

7) our nuclear submarines

8) The name of the Manchester bomber.

9) The elephant his companions killed fell on Botha and killed him

10) Lynching

11) $100 million of non-bribe

12) Kim Reynolds

13) Ford

14) a $15/ hour minimum wage

15) Barack Obama

16) Roger Moore

17) climate change

18) Sean Hannity. Hannity refused to quit hammering on the fake story of the death of Seth Rich

19) Carrier – oopsie

20) raise the debt ceiling

Keep Memorial Day solemnly.

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