Trump Budget: Immorality In Black And White

Here are a couple of analyses of the Trump agenda. One of the best attributes of the internet is that a citizen can find in depth reviews of issues of the day. This is why we need an open and neutral internet.

These videos go in depth of just how badly the Trump budget will harm average Americans while greatly benefiting America’s version of royalty.

Both videos are @ 18 minutes. First Democratic leadership responds to the budget:

Next Economist Joseph Stiglitz comments on the budget with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now:

Here are contact numbers for Iowa’s senators. Let them know what you think of this immoral budget:

Numbers to contact the Ernst Offices:
Washington, DC (202) 224-3254
Cedar Rapids, IA (319) 365-4504
Council Bluffs, IA (712) 352-1167
Davenport, IA (563) 322-0677
Des Moines, IA (515) 284-4574
Sioux City, IA (712) 252-1550

Numbers to contact Grassley Offices:

Washington, D.C. (202) 224-3744
Cedar Rapids, IA (319) 363-6832
Council Bluffs, IA (712) 322-7103
Davenport, IA (563) 322-4331
Des Moines, IA (515) 288-1145
Sioux City, IA (712) 233-1860
Waterloo, IA (319) 232-6657

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