New Governor, Same As The Old Governor

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From Progress Iowa:

Meet the new Governor, same as the old Governor.

Kim Reynolds was just sworn in as Governor, taking over for Terry Branstad.

What will be the difference between the two? Not much. Reynolds has been there every step of the way, creating her own disastrous record attacking working families, public schools, the environment, equality, access to health care, and much more.

The Reynolds record is already filled with failed priorities, and every Iowan deserves to know the truth. We just launched a new website >> >> will you help us share her record?

Reynolds voted against women receiving equal pay for equal work. She promised fiscal responsibility, but instead passed one corporate tax break after another, creating a state budget mess and cuts to schools and public services. And by privatizing Medicaid and defunding Planned Parenthood, Reynolds has made it much harder for Iowans to access health care.

Lower wages. Stripping away health coverage. And giving away our tax dollars to out of state corporate interests.

This is already Kim Reynolds’ record, and we need your help to fight back. Click here to get all the facts at, and share them with your friends and family. You can also download the facts and tweet them below my signature.

Our new Governor really is the same as the old Governor. Now we have to work together so Iowa won’t get fooled again.

Thanks for all you do,
Matt Sinovic
Progress Iowa

P.S. After you share, sign up to get the latest facts about Governor Reynolds’ disastrous record. Together we will hold her accountable!

Editor’s comment:

Mr. Sinovic is right on the button. Actually, a Reynolds administration may be even further to the right than the Branstad administration was. That is saying something since Branstad has been a near poster boy for the Koch brothers the last several years, especially this year. Who can forget the infamous picture of Branstad signing the union-busting bill in the presence of only one lone person – a representative of the Koch brothers.

Gov. Branstad shakes hands with Drew Klein after Branstad signs union busting bill

With Reynolds Iowans can expect the move to the extreme right to continue. As a state Iowa is following the paths of Kansas and Wisconsin in areas such as voter suppression, huge tax cuts for the wealthy, busting unions, ending workers rights and privatizing medicare. Iowa which was once a very friendly state for all people now is unwelcoming to those who are poor or working class. Expect that to get even worse.

Another aspect of the Reynolds era will be the states continued hostility toward women in both the health care and employment areas. Reynolds like most Republicans does not feel women should be in control of their own health care. Nor should there be any state assistance in helping workers get a living wage. This policy is especially hard on working women with children.

Below is State Senator and democratic gubernatorial candidate Nate Boulton’s response to the Reynolds swearing in:

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  1. Hugo S LaVia says:

    You have to give her credit. She’s taken her internship as the person designated to stand behind Terry Branstad in case he wobbled, and risen to be governor just five months after graduating college!

    You go, girl!

    PS: you can actually Google “kim reynolds standing behind terry branstad” and get oodles of photos.


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