Last Saturday You Learned That You Are Not Alone

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The Women’s March On – well, Everywhere was an incredibly liberating experience. The most liberating aspect of this march was simply to see in real life that you are not alone! Your sense that something is very wrong in this country is not just a feeling that you and a few others have. There is no need to hide your feelings for fear of reprisal. Most of America feels the way you do.

Sitting in the parking lot at the English-Philosophy building at the University of Iowa we sat and watched as the crowd swelled and swelled. Few expected much of a turnout. It was simply inspiring.

What Iowa City saw on a small scale cities like Des Moines, Omaha, Denver and on up to the major cities such as LA, Boston, New York saw on a grand scale never before seen. Washington DC has seldom, maybe never, seen the likes of this march. It was confined to US shores. Sister marches were held across the world on all seven continents.

Nosiree, you are not alone.

One of the hallmark tactics of an abuser is to isolate the victim and make them think that they have no friends and no support network. The idea is to make them think that they are somehow so repugnant that no one wants to associate with them. It is an amazingly effective tactic that turns a victim from their friends and family and into isolation where the abuser can easily manipulate the victim and make them feel unable to manage on their own. The victim having no where to turn becomes nearly defenseless to the abuser.

Following the 2004 reinstatement of George W. Bush, a woman friend asked me how in the hell we could have put Bush back in office. I responded that it made me think of an abuse victim who can’t break away from an abuser because they are more afraid of the unknown that they they are afraid of the psychological and physical punishment handed out by the abuser. Our corporate media aids in this to a great degree by refusing to report what is actually happening but instead give republicans unquestioned coverage.

My friend started crying. I didn’t know that in her past she was the victim of an abusive relationship that she seldom spoke of. She said “that’s exactly right!” She then gave me the brief story of her abuse and said that she, too, was afraid to leave. She said that was just what that election had proved.

Flash forward to 2016 where the corporate media simply did not question Republicans. This followed decades of outrageous lies from that same media attacking Hillary Clinton and 8 years of attacking Barack Obama. They were aided by voter suppression laws in many states, the FBI interfering in the election and even interference by an enemy state on the side of the Republicans.

Interesting that the target of their abuse this time around was a woman.

Abusers are bullies and there is no better way to stop a bully than to stand up to them. Stand we did in numbers unheard of before.

And we all learned that not only are we not alone, we are the majority! What we need now is for politicians to follow the women’s marchers. It would be a smart move for any politician to do.

Now that you know you are not only not alone and that you are the majority – remember Hillary actually won by 3 million votes and Trump was opposed by 54% of those who did vote and probably most of those whose vote was suppressed – what will you do? Please don’t stay silent. Please be active.

There are a couple of groups just starting here in Iowa that could really fill the bill for someone just getting active. The first is Strong Women. This group is just starting in Iowa City. One can only assume they would love to have chapters across Iowa.

The other group is Action Iowa (formerly Pantsuit Iowa). Sorry, I do not have a contact for them. But what we do know is that there will be a meeting.

Strong Women will be having a meeting next Wednesday evening Feb. 1st from 7 to 8:30PM at the Coralville Library. A great way to channel your energy from the Women’s March!

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