Sunday Funday: Tearing Down Government Edition

Play well and we will see you next year!

Happy New Year! Or maybe not. For many of us, we are now facing directly down the barrel of a long standing promise from the Republican Party to end Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA (aka Obamacare). As far as they are concerned all those who have these plans can just get private insurance. If they don’t then let them die. If you can’t pay, then suffer the consequences! That will teach us a lesson! Sick, Sick, Sick!

Now that Republicans control congress and the presidency for the first time since 1929 they intend to strip any progress made in the past century. Get ready, this will be a bumpy ride . Unless you want to lose everything, you better be ready to fight.

Were you paying attention the last 2 weeks?

1) Just prior to Christmas what two people close to Donald Trump were accused of selling influence through a scheme called “Opening Day”?

2) Reimbursement to what medical provider has been cut off by the state of Texas?

3) Despite huge fanfare, North Carolina Republicans failed to repeal what controversial legislation that cost them hugely in the election?

4) Many celebrity deaths over the holidays. The most noted was what mother-daughter pair who died within a day of each other after Christmas?

5) In response to Russian hacking during our election, President Obama had how many Russian operatives removed from the US?

6) The crash of an Apache helicopter resulted in the death of 2 soldiers near what major American city Thursday?

7) Official vote counts showed Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by close to how many votes?

8) Friday a member of what group scheduled to entertain at the inauguration publicly withdrew because she “couldn’t endorse tyranny and fascism”?

9) The A&E network pulled a much ballyhooed documentary on what group?

10) In Dallas County on I80 the Iowa Highway Patrol recorded a driver at what speed Thursday night?

11) Wreaths were laid at Pearl Harbor by what two world leaders Wednesday?

12) Smoking in Iowa: According to the Iowa Tobacco Prevention Alliance how many Iowans died from smoking related diseases this year?

13) Following a vote on settlements in Israel, what politician claimed the UN had become “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!”?

14) Once again Trump takes credit for jobs he had nothing to do with. This time he took credit for jobs announced long ago by what two tech companies?

15) Beginning today in Iowa lifetime handicapped parking placards will last not a lifetime, but how long?

16) Not a celebrity, but Vera Rubin, who died on Christmas at 88, was an astrophysicist whose work confirmed the existence of what little understood building block of the universe?

17) Iowa turned how old last Wednesday?

18) What other government medical system has the Trump administration expressed interest in making more privatized?

19) Through referenda, indexing or other methods, workers in 19 states will see raises in what today?

20) Who will be writing the inaugural address?

Today is the single most celebrated holiday in the world.


1) His sons Eric and Donnie junior

2) Planned Parenthood.

3) the infamous bathroom bill

4) Carrie Fisher followed the next day by her mother Debbie Reynolds

5) 35 along with other sanctions

6) Houston

7) 3 million

8) the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The person said she couldn’t “throw roses to Hitler”

9) KKK

10) 112 MPH

11) President Obama and Japanese PM Abe

12) 5100 or one in every 6 deaths in Iowa. 421,000 iowans smoke

13) Trump

14) Sprint and OneWeb

15) 5 years and then they must be renewed

16) dark matter

17) 170. Branstad has been governor for less than half of that.

18) The VA system

19) minimum wages

20) Trump says he will. It will be short he says. Many say about 144 characters.

Well, get ready for the tsunami. Be ready to fight.

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