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corporate media made this happen

With the coming of an administration hell bent on controlling news and especially analysis of said administration’s doings we need to make sure that we become informed and stay informed on a daily basis.

As noted in a blogforiowa posting last week Iowa does not have much of a spread across the spectrum of thought when it comes to radio. As noted in the article by Trish Nelson:

“This massive amount of false information being pumped into our communities, solely for profit, divides us and makes democracy unsustainable. Climate change, health care, social justice issues, and the economy cannot be even talked about when citizens hold two opposite versions of reality. The unions going away and the onslaught of right-wing radio are two things that have done devastating harm to our political discourse.

Unless we take time to more fully understand the enormity of the loss for rural Iowans caused by the destruction of unions, coupled with the daily tsunami of right-wing radio delivering a fictional version of reality, we are not going to be able to re-connect with rural voters in Iowa or throughout America.”

We are headed into 2017 and the beginning of the most radical administration ever elected. Unless the public is well informed, the next administration is well poised to get away with theft of our wages, our retirements, our health care, our schools and nearly everything else that isn’t nailed down. Just looking at the cabinet it is easy to see that it is loaded with a group of vulture billionaires ready to swoop down at the very first sign of weakness. We better be ready.

That is on the national level. At the state level we have a legislature well versed in ALEC’s methods of handing our state treasuries, our schools and the retirements of state employees over to the likes of the Koch brothers and their minions.

Many of us are getting tired. We are either getting older or we are working two or possibly even more jobs and trying to survive on many hours less sleep a night than a human really needs. We work multiple jobs because government policies have created inequities where those who do the work get little for it and the investors get a large chunk of the rewards for the work of others.

We have spent nearly 20 years fighting the policies that Republicans are poised to impose on this country. While the vast majority of America voted against Trump (46% for, 54% against and he lost to Clinton by 3 million votes) the country is about to make an almost 180 degree turn backwards.

Every American that voted against Trump should be outraged right now, but obviously they are not. Don’t you wonder why? Perhaps one of the main reasons is that the corporate media, including NPR, is doing such a good job of covering for what many mainstream politicos and the average guy on the street believes will be a wholesale looting of the poor and middle class.

Radio, TV, newspapers and magazines pretend that nothing unusual is happening. Guess who owns 90+% of those media? Well, you can safely guess it ain’t us. Nor do we own the internet, but so far neither do the corporations that own the other media. When it comes to the one media that has been on top of letting the state, country and world know what Republicans have in store for us, it has been the internet.

If you are looking for good sources of reality based news, the internet is right now, hands down, the best source. A few of the sources I use on at least a weekly basis include dailykos, democraticunderground, talkingpointsmemo. That is a good start for national news.

At the state level, I usually check the Iowa Daily Democrat and bleeding heartland. Both of these are excellent for behind the scenes looks at politics in the state. Radio Iowa News gives good synopsis stories on what is happening in the state.

In our attempt to find programming based in reality we purchased an internet radio. Having breakfast while listening to the likes of Tucker Carlson on something that identified itself as NPR but was nothing like the NPR I grew up with was getting impossible. Stories missing the main point, stories about irrelevant stuff while really important stories were ignored and flat out untruths repeated from campaigns without comment. Enough is enough.

So we have spent many a morning searching for radio that is not kowtowing to the powers that be. We have set KTNF out of Minneapolis on one button, a CBC station from Winnipeg on another, a private Canadian station from Toronto on another. This morning we stumbled across a Pacifica radio station from Houston that warned of “the coming Trumpification of America” within a few seconds after we turned it on.

This weekend we need to set KHOI, community radio for Story county, on a button. Can’t forget KICI, real community radio for Iowa City when they get on the air.

Until the Republicans end internet neutrality, and I suspect they will do so soon, we intend to get some great, great mileage out of our new toy.

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