Sunday Funday: Holidays Sad This Year Edition


For many, the selection of the most unfit person ever to be president is casting a pall on what should be the happiest time of the year. The fact (and it is a fact) that that this selection will be done despite his huge loss in the popular vote is especially galling. But someday it may make a great trivia question, eh?

Were you paying attention?

1) With Terry Branstad taking the Chinese ambassadorship, who will be Iowa’s governor?

2) Friday, President Obama ordered a review of what that may have greatly affected this year’s presidential campaign?

3) The coming administration broke decades of diplomatic precedent by calling what country last week?

4) The coming head of HUD believes the pyramids in Egypt were built for what purpose?

5) Dec. 8, 1980 what major world figure was murdered outside his apartment in NewYork City?

6) Tuesday Dec. 13 is Santa Lucia Day. This corresponds to what in our solar year?

7) What country, where the TPP had rough sledding, ratified the TPP Friday, despite the US’s threat to pull out of the deal?

8) A Denver doctor resigned from her hospital position after a racist remark on Facebook about what public figure?

9) In North Carolina, which candidate finally conceded in the closely contested governor’s race?

10) Dec. 10th, 1830 what poetess was born in Amherst, Massachusetts? After leading a reclusive life her poetry came to light after her death.

11) Which cabinet member will have stayed in office throughout the whole Obama administration when it concludes in January?

12) A frightening super germ that is resistant to the strongest known antibiotics was found in what food source last week?

13) A man shot up a pizza place in Washington DC because of fake news that claimed the business was a front for what?

14) The fake news in the previous question was spread by the son of what high level appointee in the coming administration?

15) A major women’s march on Washington DC is being planned for what date in January?

16) Experimental pilot, astronaut, senator, presidential candidate and finally astronaut later in life once more. What American hero died Thursday?

17) What world leader was impeached over an influence peddling scandal Friday?

18) What world religious figure likened the promotion of fake news to coprophilia (an abnormal interest in excrement)?

19) He can’t get no satisfaction. Rock legend Mick Jagger became a father again. How many children has he fathered?

20) This week’s weather is likely to feature what frigid weather phenomena?

Satirist Andy Borowitz suggested that Trump will name Pablo Escobar (aka El Chappo) as the new drug czar. It is hard to tell satire from reality anymore.


1) Kim Reynolds

2) cyber attacks

3) Taiwan

4) built by Joseph to store grain

5) John Lennon. His widow noted that 1,200,000 Americans have been killed by guns since Lennon’s death.

6) sunsets getting later in the northern hemisphere. Lucia is a form of the latin word for light.

7) Japan

8) the doctor called Michelle Obama “monkey faced”

9) Governor McCrory

10) Emily Dickinson

11) Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack

12) it was found in an unnamed pig farm

13) a child prostitution ring run by Hillary Clinton

14) Gen. Michael Flynn the future NSA advisor. Gen. Flynn is quite a conspiracy theorist

15) January 21, 2017 or the day after the inauguration

16) John Glenn

17) South Korea’s Park Geun-hye

18) Pope Francis

19) eight that he claims

20) a polar vortex – freaking cold!

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