Open Letter to the GOP

The following “Open Letter To The GOP” was written by NanceGreggs as a rant on earlier this week. It says out loud what many Americans are feeling and fearing:


Open Letter to the GOP
Subject: Donald Trump
Query: What the fuck were you thinking?
Explanation sought: Again, what the fuck were you thinking?

There is nothing to recommend this man – nothing.

He has demonstrated not only a complete lack of knowledge of every facet of the workings of government, but has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention whatsoever of educating himself. He refuses to attend daily security briefings, and instead spends his time on Twitter, sending messages that are indicative of an immaturity one would find appalling in any adult, no less a president-elect.

Mr. Trump’s paucity of knowledge does not end there. His grasp of foreign affairs is equally non-existent, and his demeanour clearly proves that he has neither the personal skills, nor the attitude required to deal effectively with our allies or our enemies in the global community.

When Mr. Trump presented himself as a candidate for the Republican nomination, he did not come as a stranger. His reputation as a less-than-upstanding businessman was widely known, along with his refusal to pay his debts to honest tradesmen, the many, many lawsuits he is currently embroiled in, and his practice of sending US jobs to low-wage countries where his own merchandise is manufactured.

As for his personal life, Mr. Trump has repeatedly shown himself to be an immoral bigot, whose utter disdain for his fellow citizens is amply displayed at every turn. He has made his racism abundantly clear, and has used that racism to incite violence among those of his ilk across the country.

All of the above being said, one can only wonder why you ever permitted his candidacy on your party’s ticket, no less supported it. I doubt that even given your best efforts, you could have found anyone in these United States who was less qualified to govern, less prepared for the responsibilities of the presidency, or less suitable to represent our nation on the world stage.

For decades, I have watched your party do everything in its power to surpress the votes of the citizens who are most likely to vote against you. You have initiated laws that prevent the full participation of voters across the board, particularly minorities who tend to vote Democratic. That is a matter of public record, and cannot be denied. Your party has made it abundantly clear on many occasions that your only chance to win elections is by preventing those who oppose your ideology from exercising their right to cast a ballot.

While such tactics are despicable – and, many would say, border on the treasonous – they have always been viewed as a certain desperation to win at all costs. But the present situation begs the question: Is Donald Trump the man you are willing to literally lie, cheat, and steal for? Is this the manner of man who causes you to abandon any semblance of integrity in order to install him in an office you know he is unfit for? Is this ignorant, mentally unstable idiot really worth jeopardizing the security of the nation, our standing in the world, and the well-being of our citizenry, all for the sake of chalking-up a “win” in the GOP column?

Well, if so, here are the facts. Your party’s “brand” is about to become worthless. It will come to represent incompetence, abject stupidity, and a complete dismissal of the wants and needs of the populace. It will stand as a stunning example of the dire consequences of putting a “win” over the welfare of an entire nation – indeed, the welfare of the entire world.

When Americans start seeing the unemployment rate going up, when they see their neighbours dying for lack of affordable healthcare, when they see children going hungry because safety nets like food stamps have been gutted, when they see their Social Security benefits being reduced or eliminated, when they see local businesses being shut down while tax-breaks for wealthy individuals and corporations are increased, when they see international tensions rise because of a president who thinks having the nuclear codes is akin to playing a video game – guess what? They’re not going to blame the black guy who turned the economy around on his watch; they are going to blame you for having sold them on a snake-oil salesman who managed to destroy every gain made for the betterment of the hard-working middle-class.

I realize that Republicans – both elected politicians and voters – are not the brightest people on the planet. But we now live in a world where news travels in an instant, where the records of presidents are accessible with the click of a mouse, where comparisons are easily made between the successes of one administration and the failures of the next.

Your betrayal of the American people will not go unnoticed, especially by young, up-and-coming voters whose support you can’t win future elections without.

By supporting the presidency of Donald Trump, your party’s days are numbered. Even the dumbest, most politically ignorant citizen will eventually come to see that the “change” your boy has promised is a change for the worse.

While I place little faith in the intelligence of the average voter – this election being a prime example of the widespread lack thereof – I am nevertheless confident that when all is said and done, the Republican party will be recognized for what it is: a cancerous parasite bent on destroying the democracy it claims to represent.

So enjoy your “win” – while it lasts. Rejoice in having led your fellow citizens down the garden path – until they realize that the garden is actually the swamp your boy vowed to drain. Slap yourselves on the back for a job well done – before the masses realize that your boy has cost them their job, their savings, their health, and their rights.

Your elation will be short-lived. And I, for one, will be more than happy to see your party drown in the deluge that will inevitably come.

Remember that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. And your days of fooling anyone – thanks to saddling all of us with a low-life, bloviating buffoon – are about to come to a crashing end. We who oppose you will NOT be moved, and those who put their faith in you will not be amused by their own downfall.

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