The Planet Lost Big Time November 8th

America lost so much in this election. The world lost so much in this election. Perhaps no entity lost more in this election than the planet and its systems for sustaining life.

Humanity was finally, slowly coming to grips with the reality that the earth ecosystems are breaking down. Science has proven that this breakdown is due almost exclusively to human activity. If humanity wants to remain in a hospitable environment science has shown that the pollution that is hastening the ecosystem changes must be stopped and reversed and this must happen quickly.

At a time of urgency on climate the American electorate, dumbed down by decades of fake news and attacks on science and reality, chose a leader who think the ecological emergency is a fairy tale. This would be laughable if the consequences were not so dire.

It looks like those who will be chosen to run many of the federal agencies dealing with the climate and the environment will be openly hostile to the science. Indications are that laws and regulations on the environment will be rolled back. This will be done for the stated reason of stimulating business. Little could be further from reality.

Killing the environment will lead to deaths and illnesses at an unprecedented level. Weather will be hard to predict and will be extreme. We are already seeing extreme, wild and unexpected weather causing huge property damage and loss of business facilities. The other side of that coin is drought. We have already seen long and extremely damaging droughts in Texas and California in recent years. Expect droughts to be more widespread while huge rain events become more common in other ares.

The changes in weather that we are already seeing will also lead to changes in where vegetation can grow. Imagine an Iowa where it is too hot to grow corn. Imagine an Iowa with critters like we only currently seen in the hot south such as fire ants. It may well be coming, especially if we turn our backs on the science.

In case you haven’t been paying attention this year in Iowa has been a harbinger of what will be coming. It was a hot and humid summer starting in early May. It stayed hot through September and into October. Plants that normally die in September were still blooming into November. Trees didn’t even start changing color until almost Halloween, weeks after normal. Even now as we enter the second half of November leaves are still on the trees, long after their normal fall time.

Climate and environment change won’t just hurt a few poor people. Businesses will be greatly harmed by losses. Cities along the coast, especially in low lying coastlines such as Florida will slowly slip underwater. Businesses will be lost. No doubt insurance companies will quit insuring homes and businesses in those areas. Then what happens? Do we through our government become the insurer of last resort?

As with any impending disaster such as an epidemic the best approach is to try to stop it before it happens. The new administration’s policies will be in direct opposition to stemming a disaster. Their policies will accelerate the disaster. Seems like a pretty stupid policy to me.

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