Sunday Funday: Depressing Thanksgiving Edition

happy thanksgiving

The Republican Party has already thrown a scare into most Americans with its new leadership. With Muslims facing registration, college kids facing a lifetime of debt for getting an education, women facing greater restrictions on medical care, the elderly facing major changes in Medicare and Social Security, a leader who has no concept of diplomacy and a hair trigger temper and finally the prospect of an continually warming climate while the new administration does all it can to make it worse.

If you have to face right wing family this holiday you have our sympathy. It is bad enough to worry about you future without having some schmuck cheering what is bound to be the most corrupt administration ever.

Were you paying attention? It is hard these days:

1) It looks as if what surprise winner will not be traveling to Stockholm to pick up his Nobel Prize in literature?

2) The Democrats in the senate selected who as minority leader?

3) The new Democratic team in the senate included what two major progressive leaders?

4) What precedent did the coming administration cite in discussing possible registration of Muslims?

5) Attorney General appointee Jeff Sessions was denied a federal judgeship because of what?

6) What Iowa state representative has gained national notoriety for his “buttercup” bill?

7) What former presidential candidate has bowed out of the race to head the DNC?

8) What billionaire environmentalist has pledged to fight the new administration on environmental issues?

9) An official in West Virginia lost her job after making a racist comment on Facebook concerning what national figure?

10) Severe drought is now plaguing what section of the US?

11) November 19th, 1863. President Lincoln gives a short but memorable speech at what ceremony?

12) Gwen Ifill died last week. She was a noted journalist for what tv network?

13) 2016 is on track to be the hottest year on record. How far above the reference period (1961-1990) is it now? (celsius or Farenheit)

14) Sources say that negations are underway for a settlement in what fraud case?

15) People magazine named who as the sexiest man alive last week?

16) Air maintenance workers for what delivery company are threatening a strike over health care coverage?

17) 30,000 chickens were destroyed in what country due to bird flu?

18) Rep. Tom Price told reporters republicans plan on “overhauling” what health care system in 2017?

19) In Minnesota, the police officer who shot Philando Castile last summer was charged with what?

20) Although unknown for sure the term “Black Friday” seems to stem from the huge influx of people into what major city’s downtown in the 1950s?

Tuesday will be the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas. It seems especially poignant this year as the very antithesis of President Kennedy prepares to take office.


1) Bob Dylan

2) Chuck Schumer

3) Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

4) the internment of Japanese during WWII

5) his racist views. He was denied by a Republican led subcommittee

6) Buttercup Bobby Kaufmann

7) Martin O’Malley

8) Tom Steyer

9) FLOTUS Michelle Obama

10) the southeast, especially Alabama

11) The dedication of the Gettysburg Battlefield as a National Cemetery

12) PBS

13) .88 C or 1.58 degrees F

14) Trump University. Rumors say the settlement will include a finding of no fault

15) Dwayne Johnson

16) UPS – whether it happens at Christmas time is up to speculation

17) Germany

18) Medicare – good luck elderly

19) manslaughter

20) Philadelphia – shoppers + fans for the Army – Navy game created a mass invasion of inner city Philly

Happy Holiday all!

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