Sunday Funday: Fall Color Edition

My apologies for being gone the past couple of weeks. Some family business came up.

Well, that and my personal project concerning the Trump effect on tree coloring in the northern US. It seems that trees are sharing a collective fear that they will be criticized bigly by Trump if their coloring does not reach the Trump coloring expectations. We can see these effects in Iowa by noting that the leaves are turning late in response to their fear of Trump criticism. Some may blame climate change. Not true. Trump’s bullying now even affects nature.

Also this week we have some Trump staffers who will be assisting with the puzzle to make sure that their candidate is given a fair shake. They have arrived and are settling in:

Were you paying attention?

1) Prior to the debate Wednesday the Trump hotel in Las Vegas was ringed by what group of vendors a Trump surrogate had once disdained?

2) Trump and Clinton appeared at the Al Smith Dinner together Thursday evening. Al Smith was the first Catholic to run for president. Which party did he represent?

3) Smith was defeated in his bid for the presidency by whom?

4) October 22, 1962. President Kennedy addressed the nation concerning what pending crisis?

5) Which party’s headquarters were damaged in vandalism attacks in Orange County, North Carolina?

6) Last weekend what prominent person suggested that the two presidential candidates be drug tested before their final debate?

7) What prominent Iowa politician agreed with Trump’s contention that there is voter fraud in Iowa, citing college students voting at home and in their college town as an example?

8) Patty Judge and Chuck Grassley met for a little seen debate in what Iowa city Wednesday?

9) Sixty years ago today an uprising took place against Soviet rule in what Soviet bloc country? It was quickly put down, BTW.

10) Delta Airlines made some unwanted news as cabin crews refused help from what type of person during medical emergencies on two separate flights?

11) Running for re-election in Arizona, John McCain said Republicans would stop what nominees from a Clinton administration?

12) Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had his internet connection cut off by whom?

13) The city of Oryol, Russia made news when it unveiled a statue of what highly controversial historical figure?

14) Marine Gen. James Cartwright pled guilty to leaking information on what top secret government hacking program?

15) Roll Over Beethoven! What rock ’n’ roll legend turned 90 last Tuesday?

16) Oelwein police officer Jay Perkins made the news last week by posting a photo on Facebook in which he appears to be doing what?

17) One hundred and fifty five years ago tomorrow (Oct.24, 1861) President Lincoln received the first transcontinental what?

18) Guests at the last debate that Trump invited to upset Clinton included what relation of President Obama?

19) What baseball star made it clear last week that he would run against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren?

20) Who is a “nasty woman” according to Donald Trump?

Hey, Trump staffers. You guys ready yet?


1) taco trucks

2) the Democratic Party

3) Iowa’s own Herbert Hoover

4) the Cuban missile crisis

5) both the Republican and Democratic HQs were damaged. Pretty much only the Republican attack has been reported.

6) Donald Trump

7) Branstad. Maybe he missed Matt Schultz’s boondoggle taxpayer funded bogus investigation a few years ago?

8) Sioux City

9) Hungary

10) Black women doctors. In both cases the cabin crew indicated they did not believe the women were doctors.

11) nominees to the Supreme Court. Since his statement McCain has been avoiding interviews

12) Ecuador in whose embassy he is in asylum

13) Ivan the Terrible. This is the first statue os Ivan. Oryol is @ 200 miles south of Moscow

14) stuxnet

15) Chuck Berry!

16) peeing on a Clinton/Kaine sign while pointing a gun at the sign. He was not in uniform nor on duty.

17) telegram from the Chief Justice of California.

18) Obama’s half brother who had a falling out with the president.

19) Curt Schilling. *hint: he’s less popular in Mass. than Trump*

20) Hillary Clinton

Uh – Trump staffers – we’re done.

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