What The Iowa Republican Party Supports

There you have it. Iowa’s Republican Party has over and over reiterated their support for Trump.

The fact that the Iowa Republican Party supports Donald Trump should not be a real surprise. We have a governor who wants to act like a king. Working within the system to do things like privatize Medicaid is a bridge too far for Branstad. He just rules by fiat and then declares everything is fine. This seems like a preview of a possible Trump administration. The philosophy is not “Let’s work together” but “Try and stop me.”

In the US Senate, Iowa’s Chuck Grassley has become a one man obstruction crew. His disdain for Obama and all Democrats is legendary, but this year he has made it into historic and constitutional status. From here on Grassley will be the gold standard of obstruction. He has personally brought the federal judiciary – an extremely important co-equal branch of government – to a judicial crisis of historic proportions. Take a bow, Chuck.

Joni Ernst has distinguished herself as the epitome of the for sale politician. The Koch brothers are buying.

These are the top examples of what Iowa’s Republican Party has become. So backing Trump as he continues to thumb his nose at laws and conventions should hardly be a surprise. It is merely an extension of the Iowa Republicans’ standard practices.

Party before country or anything else.

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  1. Rebecca Oakland says:

    I really struggle with trying to understand how anyone can support Donald Trump. There is nothing he won’t say or do.


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