Campaign Ad Collage: Why Vote Democratic

While Patty Judge emphasizes her experience and leadership, Rick Smith at Iowa Starting Line wonders why “Grassley Works” hasn’t seemed to work on Iowa’s flood problems.

“Fast forward six years later to September, 2016 and massive flooding once again hit eastern Iowa. Just last month the Cedar River crested 8 feet over flood stage but the quickly erected temporary barriers held. This flood will cost Cedar Rapids and north eastern Iowans millions of dollars. Cedar Rapids and many river towns have pleaded for federal help to build permanent flood protection, yet Grassley has totally ignored their critical flood requests. Cedar Rapids asked for $73 million following the 2008 flood to complete their levee system. Grassley’s answer: he’s writing letters to the Corps of Engineers. Don’t Iowans need more than a Senator that punches the clock everyday but can only write letters?”

In these two ads, the Clinton campaign provides the contrast between the outlooks of her and Trump’s campaigns:

Monica Vernon draws a real contrast between her policies and actions to those of her opponent. Social Security and Medicare are extremely important to Iowans:

Jim Mowrer in the 3rd district takes the positive approach. Allow me to say that his opponent has been pretty much a rubber stamp for awful Republican policies:

The monumental task of defeating Steve King in the 4th district belongs to Kim Weaver. In a year when Donald Trump is toxic, it could happen. Here Weaver contrasts her philosophy and King’s:

Dave Loebsack once again connects with Iowans at all levels, which explains his enduring popularity:

Finally, once more from the Clinton campaign. This ad may well be an enduring standard for positive advertising:

You won’t see the likes of this from the Republican side.

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