Sunday Funday: Get The Popcorn Ready Edition

Cleveland,  here we come!

Cleveland, here we come!

This coming week will most likely go down in the annals of politics for many reason. The question we may all have to ask ourselves is: Do we have the stomach to watch?

We probably won’t. While I could stand the speeches and cheerleading for Trump, what we will not be able to stomach will be the corporate news media fawning over this @#(*&%$ as if he were truly mainstream and a representation of America. No doubt there will be plenty of opportunities for them to run down Hillary Clinton and to mention emails that turned out to be absolutely nothing. That last part will be left out, however.

Another historic week. We’ll try to capture some of the smaller stories and maybe some convention trivia.

1) One woman took the reins of power unelected in a democracy last week Who is she and where did this take place?

2) Tuesday July 12, Portsmouth, New Hampshire – what took place?

3) Monday night which disgruntled former Republican presidential candidate had an interview on MSNBC in which he trashed Donald Trump?

4) The Republican Party nominated who as their first presidential candidate in 1856 in Philadelphia?

5) In a photo that evoked Tianamen Square, a young black woman in a flowing dress stood calmly in front of police in what racially embattled city?

6) What Supreme Court justice stepped into the political arena this week with some comments on Donald Trump?

7) In 1860, Republicans convened in Chicago to nominate their first successful ticket – Abraham Lincoln and who?

8) After 45 years the FBI announced that it was no longer actively investigating what legendary case? (case took place Nov. 24, 1971)

9) In Britain, what brexit supporter and failed leadership candidate was announced as the new foreign secretary Thursday?

10) The 1912 Republican convention saw William Howard Taft nominated despite major primary wins by what challenger?

11) Senator Grassley took to the twitters Monday to post a disparaging remark against what group of people?

12) July 20 of what year did the world hear these words: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”?

13) The police chief of Dallas challenged protesters to be part of the solution by doing what?

14) Indiana democrats were happily treated to news that what popular former senator would run for his old seat?

15) The Republican convention became a TV event for the first time in what year?

16) Another controversial law in North Carolina where Gov. McCrory signed a bill blocking the release of what recordings into the public record?

17) 1952 Republicans chose the very popular WWII commander Dwight Eisenhower over what son of a former president?

18) As Republicans predicted the economy is in a tailspin. Last week saw huge job numbers, this week what economic indicators hit new records?

19) Molly Ivins said “I liked it better in the original German” as she commented on the convention speech by what Republican pundit in 1992?

20) As congress rushes to adjourn what critical piece of legislation had to pass at the last minute?

Our sympathies to the French who once more appear to have been victimized by terrorists attacks.


1) Theresa May was picked to be PM of Great Britain by the conservative party replacing David Cameron Wednesday

2) Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for president

3) Jeb!

4) John C. Fremont of California

5) Baton Rouge

6) Justice Ginsburg

7) Sen. Hannibal Hamlin of Maine

8) the airplane hijacking and subsequent parachute disappearance of DB Cooper

9) Boris Johnson

10) former president Theodore Roosevelt

11) journalists

12) 1969

13) joining the police force

14) Evan Bayh

15) 1940

16) police body cam era recordings

17) Robert Taft son of William Howard Taft

18) stock market averages – Dow Jones and the S&P 500 – thanks Obama

19) Pat Buchanan

20) stopping GMO labeling on food

The weather will be hot next week. Will it be hotter than Republicans as they nominate Trump?

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