Are They Serious?

party before country

party before country

Just reading a blurb on concerning a pep rally Iowa Republicans held to get behind the candidacy of Donald Trump.

This is an absolute mind boggler. One would like to believe that “serious people” and “adults” – words that Republicans always like to use to describe themselves – would ever want to be linked to such a candidate. Perhaps watching Fox News they missed the part about Trump draws racist organizations, maybe they have also missed his misogynist comments, maybe they have missed his habits of acting like a schoolyard bully who taunts his opponents, perhaps they missed his history of exploitation of the poor and maybe they missed his record of lawsuits for the most trivial of slights. You would have to live under a rock to miss all that.

But for Republicans,  party has always come before country. Backing a candidate like Trump makes me wonder if Republicans had accidentally nominated Reagan’s costar in “Bedtime for Bonzo” – Bonzo the Chimp – instead of Reagan in 1980, would Republicans have simply gone ahead and worked for Bonzo without anyone mentioning he was a chimp.

So Terry Branstad gets on board by repeating the Trump silly slogan “Make America Great Again.” This is a guy who tries to govern without restraint and who uses his line item veto to cut food for Iowans and aid to schools. But he does smile when he does it.

Party chair Jeff Kaufmann claimed Trump would be better on “reducing the national debt.” Perhaps Mr. Kaufmann missed Trump’s proposal to turn US economics into third world economics last week by paying back debt at less than 100%. Were the US to no longer be the standard economy that world leans on for stability then we, the world, will collapse into a mega depression the likes of which have never been seen.

Party before country? Really. It is hard to take anyone seriously that claims that someone like Donald Trump who has never held public office would be a good president. Simply based on his track record up to now Trump’s administration will consist of ego trips, fifth grade bully taunts to those who make him mad and lots and lots of lawsuits. Can the President sue people and businesses and what the heck, his own government while in office? We may find out.

Our best guide to what a Trump presidency could be like may be the so called “laboratories of democracy” in states where Republican governors have applied Laffer economics to their states. The most glaring of these is Kansas where schools may not open next year and funding for almost all social programs has been cut to near nothing. Kansas is simply in crisis. Think of Kansas on a grand scale, taking down the world with it.

It is truly a shame to see people given a public trust putting their own interests far ahead of the good of the whole. Vote for Trump and vote for disaster.

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