Focus On Iowa: Desmund Adams For Congress

It is imperative that Iowa sends more Democrats to DC in 2016.  The ratio right now is 5-1.  Five Republicans and only one Democrat, Dave Loebsack, representing Iowa in Congress.  Prior to the last mid-term election the ratio was 4-2, four Democrats and two Republicans.  Tea partiers David Young, Joni Ernst, and Rod Blum all slipped in in 2014 because Democrats did not turn out to vote in the mid-terms. So this election year we need to change that.  Find out about the candidates running in the primary in your district, then pick your favorite awesome Democrat and go vote. The primary is June 7 but early voting is available now.

Desmund is not a lifetime politician. In fact, he is not a politician at all. Desmund is an individual who has overcome adversity and utilized his real life experience to serve others. If elected, he will take a fresh perspective as well as his passion and commitment to influencing real and lasting change to Washington.

Here is a link to his website.  Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.


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