Chuck, Can We Have A Refund?

republicans refuse to work

We hired you to do a job. You refuse to do it. The law says we can’t fire you until November. You haven’t done your job for two years. That’s $350,000 plus the cost of your staff that you should pay us back.

What have you been doing with your time while we have been paying you?

When you don't do your job there is lots of time for gardening

When you don’t do your job there is lots of time for gardening

You know what would happen to anyone of us if we told our boss we weren’t going to do our job? We’d get fired in a New York second!

You better have a damn good excuse because we are your boss and we are mad, very mad.

Your job is written in black and white in the constitution. We can’t have this kind of stuff continue, can we?

You choose not to work for Iowa and the country, but only for your party. Time to hit the road.
(1.5 minute video)

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