Act Now To Stop Proposed 7,499 Hog CAFO In Allamakee County

Factory farms poisoning Iowa*Note from BFIA: This petition is not available online. To sign a hard copy of this petition, see instructions below.

Action alert from Allamakee County Protectors:

Allamakee County is faced with another challenge! There is a large confined animal feed operation proposed near one of our finest trout streams. Attached is a petition that you can print, sign and send back.

Many residents and tourist enjoy the area in jeopardy. Many people from other states enjoy the beauty of this area, so feel free to sign even if you don’t reside in our state.

What we know.
1. There will be a county supervisors hearing on the permit by the end of April.

2. The location is near Village Creek west of Lansing, IA.

3. Jones Creek which naturally produces trout feeds to Village Creek and then to the Mississippi. The CAFO would directly impact these waterways if a manure spill occurred.

4. The CAFO will be 3 buildings housing 7,499 hogs each owned by Reicks.

5. Reicks produced approx. 640,000 hogs last year and this permit is an attempt to move into Allamakee County.

Please sign the petition so our supervisors are aware this is something we don’t want devastating the people, plants or animals of this delicate area.


Robert Nehman, Executive Director
Allamakee County Protectors
P.O. Box 32, New Albin, Iowa 52160
Phone: 608-385-3111
Petition opposing Reick’s factory hog
farm in Allamakee County

“Grassroots action on the CAFO issue is urgently needed. There is a 30-day window to deal with this issue before it is out of local hands, and 10 of those days are already gone!! This is winnable if we can show enough interest via the attached petition.

Every signature is precious. And we want people everywhere to print the petition, get as many family members and friends to sign, and then return. The address to send the petition to is at the bottom of the page.

Other than the petition, there is only one way people can help stop the monstrous CAFO. That is to attend and speak-up at the one public hearing that the county supervisors will hold. No date for that petition has been set yet. But everyone feels it must be within the next 20-days.

Thank you for your help with this. It will be greatly appreciated by all who stand to lose a great deal of money on greatly depreciated property values, widespread stink, pollution of an OIW (Outstanding Iowa Waterway – Village Creek), destroyed rural roads and bridges, and overall loss of quality of life.  – Ric Zarwell”


Petition text:

Family Farms, Yes! — Out Of County Factory Farms, No!

“We – the undersigned – value our rural communities, family farms, and quality of life. We support local farmers
and their families. We strongly oppose large-scale, corporate-owned factory farms with operations
throughout the state that pose a real risk to the quality of our air and water, the value of our homes and
farmsteads, destruction of the county roads, and the direct threat to Village Creek- which is a named and
recognized ‘Outstanding Iowa Waterway’. We are particularly concerned about recent news that Reicks
View Family Farms of Lawler,!Iowa, is planning to build a factory farm this year near Village Creek. Therefore,
we call on our County Supervisors to stand with us in opposing this development and in so doing helping to
protect the residents of Allamakee County and the property they own. We also call upon the DNR and its
director, Chuck Gipp, to uphold their mission statement and protect the natural resources of Iowa.”

Include name, street address, city/state, email


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