Smoking Grassley Out

disdain for citizens

disdain for citizens

Pretty sad when a United States Senator has to skulk around his own state ashamed to be seen by the general public.

Chuck Grassley has spent his Easter recess from his day job pretending to meet with citizens of Iowa. However, his extremely unpopular an highly partisan stand on the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justices has caused Chuck to move his show to a kind of underground theater.

Kudos to the folks at Why Courts Matter for setting up a method of letting people know where Grassley will be appearing and when he will be there.

Grassley may be tired of hearing people complain about his position on Scalia’s replacement, but he doesn’t get to make the call on what the public wants their senator to talk about. Hiding is not going to help.

It is really curious why he and his staff have decided that hiding from the public is a good political strategy in this case. During the astroturf driven uprising against the ACA in 2010 the smart representatives stood up to the crowds of naysayers.

In this case these are genuine concerns from citizens on both sides of the aisle who see Grassley’s obstruction as simply unconstitutional and driven totally by Republican party concerns.

Come out of hiding, Chuck. We won’t hurt you. We just want to let you know we think you are very misguided.

Seems like if Grassley doesn’t want to see people we should elect someone who does.

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