Sunday Funday: Cruelest Month Edition

hat tip to the Ames Historical Society

hat tip to the Ames Historical Society

No idea why TS Eliot called April the cruelest month and not too interested in learning why. For those of us in the North who are emerging from our winter seclusions we want warmth and sunshine, April often greets us with cold wind and cold rains. If my memory doesn’t fail me, Iowa’s biggest snowstorm occurred somewhere around April 9th or 10th in ’73.

Pretty much every year farmers and gardeners try to rush the season by planting during some of those warm early April days, only to have their tiny crop nipped in the bud by a hard frost in April. This year, though, we can get much warmer air over Iowa as candidates fly over on their way to make speeches for primaries around the country.

Were you paying attention?

1) She played identical cousins, Helen Keller and many other challenging roles all while suffering from bipolar disease. Who was this giant of Hollywood who died last week?

2) Which car company sold 100,000 vehicles in advance of its expected late 2017 rollout?

3) Sadly, this family hosted its last Easter Egg roll Monday. What is this family’s name?

4) At least 20 killed and scores more injured as what crashed down on a crowded neighborhood in Kolkata, India?

5) A suicide bomber killed 72 in an attack in what Pakistan city?

6) The male to female wage gap is one of the major issues in a wage discrimination complaint filed by members of what US sports group?

7) California and Oregon both have democratic governors named Brown. Within a month of each other they will have signed historic legislation relating to what kitchen table issue?

8) April 4th, 1968. What civil rights leader is assassinated in Memphis, Tn. touching off rioting throughout the country?

9) What former MSNBC commentator let it be known that he is accepting offers to get back on the air?

10) Mother Mary Angelica died last week at age 92. She was most well known for founding what cable TV Catholic station?

11) The law school at George Mason University will be named after Antonin Scalia. What somewhat fitting acronym will the law school have?

12) Due to fracking and drilling, Oklahoma rose to the top of the list for most likely to have what kind of disaster?

13) The campaign manager for what presidential candidate was charged with battery last week in an incident with a female reporter from

14) A Washington DC madame is threatening to release a client list that he says will include who?

15) So-called ‘religious liberty’ bills were passed in 3 southern states last week. Which state’s governor signed the bill causing immediate backlash from corporations?

16) A deadlocked Supreme Court last week caused what union fee to remain in effect?

17) An aide to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley resigned in the face of what kind of scandal in his administration?

18) Following the primary debacle in Arizona, voters in other states are checking and finding that their what has been changed?

19) Ohio Governor Kasich blamed what group for his state’s high infant mortality rate?

20) The FBI ended their standoff with Apple over the unlocking of the iPhone of the terrorist bomber by doing what?

Sports fans change balls this weekend. time to replace the basketballs with baseballs.


1) (Anna) Patty Duke

2) the much anticipated Tesla model 3

3) Obama

4) An overpass

5) Lahore. He blew himself up next to a playground, killing mostly women and children

6) the women’s US soccer ieam

7) minimum wage. Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon signed legislation last month, Jerry Brown of California expected to sign bill Monday.

8) Martin Luther King

9) Keith Olbermann

10) EWTN – eternal word television network

11) Antonin Scalia School of Law or ASSOL

12) earthquake

13) Trump’s manager Corey Lewandowski

14) a major presidential candidate still in the race.

15) North Carolina. Governors in Georgia and Virginia vetoed such bills.

16) fair share or agency fees that non-union members pay for representation by the union.

17) a sex scandal. The aide is said to be involved sexually with the governor and being paid by the state. (Rebekah Mason Caldwell)

18) party affiliation on their voting registration.

19) the black community

20) having a 3rd party hacker crack the code.

See you next week.

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