Sunday Funday: St. Paddy’s Day Edition

st. patrick drives the snakes

As one who claims Irish heritage and was prone to a swallow of green beer on March 17th this time of year comes with many somewhat blithered memories. All that mixed in with Irish lore – St. Paddy chasing the snakes from Ireland, leprechauns, the great potato famine, all those Irish politicians and of course the blarney. As the old Irish wish goes, May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows your dead.

Were you paying attention?

1) It was a little less formal when what neighbor came calling at the White House last week?

2) Did you set your clock ahead this morning?

3) The primary season supplied its first major upset when what candidate squeaked out a narrow victory in Michigan?

4) What two favorite son candidates will try to stop the Trump victory march in what two states Tuesday?

5) Who dropped out of the presidential race he was never really in last Monday?

6) The SCOTUS unanimously reversed a ruling from what state that prohibited lesbians from adopting?

7) Last Friday was the 5th anniversary of what major world disaster?

8) Sen. John Cornyn of Texas said any Obama nominee to the Supreme Court would be treated like a what by Republican senators?

9) Iowa’s state senate voted to extend hate crime laws to cover what group?

10) Who was famously murdered on the Ides (15th) of March?

11) The richest female athlete in the world admitted to taking a banned substance last week. Who is the female athlete?

12) What man who was instrumental in the background as producer and arranger for the Beatles died at age 90 last week?

13) In West Virginia lawmakers made what substance legal then got sick when they sampled some?

14) Republicans in the Iowa House jumped on the stupid train last week when they voted to ban researched using what?

15) A female reporter from what right wing website was beaten by Trump’s campaign manager at a Trump rally but the story was covered up by the website?

16) The US claimed that it killed 150 terrorists with an air strike in what country?

17) In a scandal in the newspaper industry, the editor of what section of USA Today has been accused of stealing some of his material from the New York Times?

18) Big endorsement for the Trump campaign. What former foe turned friend with his endorsement Friday?

19) Right wing media slammed President Obama for not going to whose funeral?

20) Which Republican candidate declared Friday that after Thursday’s debate he is “done debating”?

And the High Holy Days of basketball approacheth quickly. The high school portion has ended. Services may be viewed most any time of day next week as the season comes to a climax.

1) Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

2) if you did you got it right this time!

3) Bernie Sanders

4) Kasich in Ohio and Rubio in Florida

5) Michael Bloomberg

6) Alabama

7) Fukishima

8) a piñata

9) transgendered people

10) Julius Caesar

11) Maria Sharapova pro tennis player

12) George Martin

13) unpastuerized milk

14) fetal tissue from abortions

15) Breitbart news

16) Somolia

17) crossword puzzle

18) Ben Carson. He had to soften his previous description of Trump as “pathological”

19) Nancy Reagan

20) Donald Trump of course.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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