Grassley Major Climate Denier

Pretty Bad Week For The Environment

Of course the IUB approves the Bakken oil pipeline

Bakken Pipeline Proposed Route

Honestly, did anyone in Iowa think that the Iowa Utility Board would do anything but approve the Bakken oil pipeline? The protests and the coming court cases will delay but probably won’t change anything but to possibly sharpen the the lines of reasoning that will be used as decision after decision favors business and thumbs its nose at the environment.

In case you missed it, after much delay the IUB voted to allow the construction of the Bakken oil pipeline by a 3-0 vote. This pipeline will be carrying about 450,000 barrels of tar sand oil through precious Iowa farmland. This at a time when oil prices are low. This also at a time when our country and our world would be much better served by pouring money and effort into ways to get off the fossil fuel addiction.

In other environmental news the past couple of weeks, Fiji was slammed by Cyclone Winston which contained the highest wind speeds ever. In Melbourne Australia overnight temperatures were the warmest they ever recorded at 82 degrees as they headed into fall. In the southern US they were hit with another {fill in the blank} hundred year flood as “record strength low” drops swimming pools of water on them

Record-Strength Upper Low Brings Extreme Rains to South U.S., Thundersnow to Mexico

“A remarkably rare atmospheric event is unfolding over Mexico and the Southern U.S., where an upper-level low pressure system of unprecedented strength in the historical record for that location has stalled out, bringing multiple days of torrential rain to the Southern U.S. and snow to the mountains of Mexico. The upper low tapped into an atmospheric river of moisture from both the Western Caribbean and the Eastern Pacific, bringing rainfall amounts one would expect to occur only once every 200 years (a 0.5% chance of occurrence in a given year) over portions of northern Louisiana. According to the latest NOAA Storm Summary, as of 9 am EST Thursday, the city of Monroe, Louisiana had received 17.25″ of rain since Monday, and Shreveport had picked up 16.70” at Barksdale Air Force Base.”

Iowa has had its share of these rains in recent years and no doubt will have more.

Looking forward CO2 readings at Mauna Loa, which is used as the world measuring spot, continue well above 400 PPM. Recordings above 350 PPM indicate an amount of CO2 that will be very conducive to greenhouse effect. As you can see from the chart for the last year the trend is up, up, up.

mauna loa co2 plot

Climate change should be one of the overriding issues in this year’s US senate race. Here in Iowa we have the two very opposite views represented. On the climate change denial side we have our current senator, Chuck Grassley. Grassley is a climate denier of the first order. He denies that climate change is in any way caused by humans. In a recent town hall meeting Chuck claimed that the world has been cooling since 1998, which contradicts records. Lat month was the warmest February on record just as last year was the hottest year on record.

Challenging for the Democratic party nomination is Rob Hogg who literally wrote the book on climate change – or at least on of the many books on climate change. Below is Sen. Hogg doing a presentation on his book in Denver a couple years back (video @ 1 hour)

Stated simply, you’d be a fool to vote for a guy who denies reality and puts YOU and YOUR FAMILY in jeopardy by that denial.

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