Sunday Funday: Damn Gummint Edition

new face of protest in America

new face of protest in America

We are three weeks from the caucuses and my TV is crawling with these strange people calling each other names and making fun of each other. My wife informs those are Republicans and that is who they run for public office: by acting like 6th grade boys. Friday I heard John Fugelsang note that nobody hates Republicans in office like Republican voters, thus explaining the popularity of Trump, Carson and Fiorina.

Good thing nothing happened while I was off. Would have hated to miss it.

Were you paying attention?

1) They did it! They finally did it!. What bill did Republicans pass for the 62nd time in the House last week?

2) Duty calls! The co-chair of “Veterans For Trump” in New Hampshire left the campaign to do what?

3) What major Iowa city swore in its first black mayor last week?

4) The financial year got off to a rocky start as stock trading in what country was stopped twice to stop the downward spiral?

5) Governor Branstad proposed taking money from what source to address water quality problems?

6) Pres. Obama announced an executive order to better enforce gun laws. What Senator said his committee will look into whether such an order is legal?

7) Some of Rome’s busiest streets were closed last week so workers could wash what off the street?

8) January 10th, 1776 one of the most influential pamphlets of the revolution – “Common Sense” – was published. Who was the author?

9) North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb Wednesday. What countries have successfully tested hydrogen bombs?

10) Ben Carson must have thought he was back in middle school when he asked a group of 5th graders to point out what?

11) Many activists were calling for the arrest of Michigan’s governor for allowing lead to infiltrate what city’s water system?

12) December employment was up by 290,000 jobs. What is usually considered the break even point?

13) The teen in Texas who got off on an “affluenza” plea was arrested where after he broke probation and fled Texas?

14) What major annual exposition is in progress in Las Vegas this weekend?

15) Our ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, acted much like our enemies do when they did what to 47 people?

16) “Yeehadists” and “yallquieda” are among the many mocking names hung on what group by social media?

17) In Chemistry news, the 7th period of the periodic table was completed when the discovery of what was announced last week?

18) New USDA dietary guidelines targeted what two substances that they said Americans should drastically reduce in their diets?

19) Over 20 earthquakes have taken place in Oklahoma since Wednesday. These earthquakes have been directly attributed to what?

20) Roy Moore, Chief Justice in Alabama, reissued an order stopping probate judges from issuing what in contradiction to a SCOTUS ruling?

Time to start taste testing those cookies you will be taking to the caucuses.


1) a bill defunding Obamacare. Their idea of progress

2) join the anti government protest in Oregon

3) Waterloo

4) China

5) a sales tax dedicated to schools

6) Grassley, Mr. Obstruction himself

7) bird droppings. Migrating birds eat ripening olives and leave tons of very slippery droppings.

8) Thomas Paine

9) The US, Great Britain, France, Russia (old Soviet Union) and China. Pakistan and India claims were never confirmed.

10) the worst student in their class. Many fingers pointed at one poor kid.

11) Flint, Michigan

12) adding 150,000 jobs per month

13) in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

14) Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where all the new toys are on display

15) beheaded them, including one very important Iranian cleric

16) the anti-government armed protestors that took over a bird sanctuary in Burns, Oregon.

17) 4 new elements, numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118

18) sugar and saturated fat

19) injection of waste water from fracking wells.

20) marriage licenses for same sex couples.

From John Fugelsang: “People who say President Obama fake cried are essentially accusing him of being as indifferent to mass killings as they are.”

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