Hard To Believe Americans Accept This

Cheaper to fix while they are still up

Cheaper to fix while they are still up

We come to the end of another year and my biggest single take on the country is the things that Americans are now willing to accept. It is hard to believe that the generation that fought and defeated the military machines of Germany and Japan at the same time would accept this sort of stuff without a fight:

Americans going hungry, even dying in the richest country in the world while congress cuts funds to government aid programs.

– Infrastructure that they built being neglected to the point of decay and ruin while tax cuts are given to the wealthy.

Public schools, once the pride of America and especially Iowa, now beg for funds while tax cuts are awarded to businesses or funds for public schools are funneled to corporate charter schools.

– Students coming out of college with a lifetime of debt and low job prospects.

– Jobs continuing to be “off shored” with little regard to the effects of such policies on the American economy.

– America unilaterally handing over its sovereignty under the guise of “trade agreements.”

– The world plunging headlong into climate disaster while companies that pollute continue to be subsidized by congress.

– Americans working full time jobs for below poverty wages.

– Temporary hiring agencies and payday loan companies are not only legal but doing a brisk business screwing fellow Americans over with the blessing of state legislators.

– Continuing to be involved in foreign wars for oil rather than making the harnessing of wind and sun a national defense and domestic priority.

Citizens openly carrying weapons that could wipe out a 3rd world village because of perceived demons with the blessing of state legislatures.

– State legislatures passing laws written by corporations under the name of ALEC.

– Congress openly working to deny poor Americans access to health care simply because they are poor.

As you know, the list goes on. As you also know, this is simply the most important election year ever. The downward spiral that began with Reagan must be reversed. Voting Republican will only accelerate the spiral. To reverse the spiral we must identify, nominate and work our butts off not just to win the presidency but to give the next president a congress that will pass progressive legislation. It is time to send Chuck Grassley packing, let Steve King stir in his fantasy world in Kiron and get Rod Blum and David Young out of congress before they can do too much damage.

Every bit as important is to return a Democratic majority to the Iowa legislature to blunt an out of control governor who seems to see his duty as paying off donors with our tax money.

Resolve today to give a significant amount of your resources (time, money, ideas) this election year so we no longer have to look at problems such as listed above as “normal” in America anymore.

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