Woah! What A Week!

‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.’ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Just some quick comments on quite a historical week:

There’s A New Flag In Town
For those who feel that the state should fly the flag that promotes their side in a controversy, I have to wonder if they would approve of a rainbow flag being flown on state grounds in a silent approval of marriage equality?

No Strategy, Just Destroy
Is the Republican Party only about ATTACK, DESTROY, PLUNDER? That seems to be their strategy since FDR but it has really come to a head during the Obama Administration. Think about their strategy concerning Social Security since its passage. Think of their strategy since Medicare. Think of their strategy since the ACA. The strategy since the ACA is so ludicrous that no one could ever had predicted such a reaction. Wasting huge amounts of time and money over and over taking useless votes in the House while real problems fester into huge problems. Willing to destroy the health care system in order to destroy the ACA. Crazy

Vander Plaats:
When I heard the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality my first thought turned to Bob Vander Plaats. Couldn’t help but think that the hate that he carries within him must be eating him alive right now. No doubt he is invoking Jesus’ teachings against homosexuality in his conversations today. But Jesus never said a thing about homosexuality. Jesus told us to love one another. That is the real Jesus. That is the one to study. Vander Plaats you may want to read your bible.

It continues to amaze me that so many citizens feel that the state should be flying a flag of treason on government grounds. Government grounds are owned by all people and as such should display only symbols that have been approved by all. Remember also that this flag is not only a flag of treason, in its current incarnation it is a flag of internal rebellion against the national government being promoted by the individual states. Amazing this could go on so long. Thanks in large measure to gutless politicians and the role of money in our political system.

Now, Democrats, Run On Health Care
The SCOTUS did Democrats a huge favor Thursday. The last strange challenge to the ACA was brushed away and the ACA is left with a solid base. Poll after poll shows that Americans want to have access to health care by a wide margin. Democrats ran away from the ACA in the last election and got their asses handed to them. Each and every Democrat needs to stand up for the ACA and promise to improve and expand it. They also need to challenge their opponents to spell out what “repeal and replace” really means. They are nothing but empty rhetoric.

Has The Message Sunk In? Quit The Damned Discrimination.
In the last couple of years the country has been in various stages of outrage over the inequalities that the Powers That Be try to maintain. From the war against black people in urban environments to the war on women being battered and discriminated against in employment to the war on equal treatment before the law for gays. Time and again we have seen citizens stand up and say in one voice “NO MORE!” Slowly things are changing. With the eyes of the internet seemingly watching everything and exposing lies and corruption throughout our system maybe we are headed ever so slowly to government FOR the people. But the people must grab the opportunity to work and vote.

Internet Neutrality:
As noted by the previous paragraph, one of the very instrumental keys to continuing to expose the lies and corruption is a neutral internet. Now can you understand why the right wing, especially the likes of the Koch brothers and the corporate media is so interested in controlling the internet. They have controlled all the other information media in this country for a long time. Doesn’t take a lot of research to find that the US has one of the worst informed publics in the world. We can’t get good information from TV, radio (even the vaunted NPR), magazines or newspapers. If they controlled the internet they would have a monopoly on information.

Nixon’s Southern Strategy.
45 years later the ugly outcome of Nixon’s Southern Strategy is coming home to roost. Promising to turn a blind eye to discrimination in the South for the delivery of votes, the Southern Strategy turned the Republicans into a viable party once more in the US. Now they are caught in a trap of whether to continue their support of the power structure in the South and alienate voters elsewhere in the country or abandon the South for votes elsewhere. This was manifested last week when Republican presidential candidates tried to claim they were on both sides of the confederate flag issue. Jeb! Bush was the most hilarious by far.

Can We Expect Massive Divorces On The Right Now?
They have been predicting that is what would happen. Call me a skeptic, but I won’t believe it until I see it. The 20 or so Republican presidential candidates should take the lead in this one.

Obama Legacy Caving Into Corporations?
Looks like the TPP, TTIP and TISA – the three trade deals that look like the monster that could kill America – are all but written into the law books. One of the real imponderables of the Obama years. Especially considering the lessons that all the previous similar trade deals have taught us.

Dutch Court Tells Government: Cut Pollution
In a case in the Netherlands last week, a Dutch court ordered the government to cut pollution by 25% in five years. The biggest question coming out of this is whether courts will become the battle ground on climate change around the world?

Married Today, Fired Tomorrow
Heard on the radio Friday after the marriage equality ruling came down: “ Remember that gay folks can get married anywhere in the US now, but when they go back to work on Monday morning they can legally be fired for being gay in most states.” There is work to be done yet, folks.

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