A Few Words On Dennis Hastert

Bribery by ALEC in Georgia uncovered by the press last week. (starts at 0:18)

The story is just beginning to emerge from the Justice Department of the corruption that J. Dennis Hastert undertook as Speaker of the House from 1999 to his ouster in 2007 and beyond. Our readers are plenty able to follow the story on their own. I just want to comment on a couple of aspects.

First, corruption by public officials to me is among the worst crimes that can be committed. Using an office of power and steering public funds to cronies for a bribe is bad enough, but it also means that some other public good will not receive budget considerations they deserve. In many cases this could be money that may make life and death differences to poor people.

Second, is there any better example of why money should be as well separated from politics as possible. There should also be a separation of lobbyists from the corridors of power. Any meeting between a lobbyist and any decision maker or someone who has access to a decision maker should be scheduled, made public, and be open to anyone to attend, especially the press. Sunshine is the best disinfectant for corruption.

Third, have you given much thought to how thoroughly corrupt the Bush II administration was? From Cheney steering the country to war and making HUGE amounts of money on his Halliburton stock to Abramoff, and now to Hastert. We will be finding out soon that Sibel Edmonds tried to turn Hastert in, but John Ashcroft put her under a gag order.

Fourth, the case of Sibel Edmonds who tried to tell the Hastert story 10 years or more back shows how valuable whistle blowers are. Along with Edward Snowden and Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, like what they did or not, they exposed some deep and very harmful corruption in our government. No wonder the powers that be are so afraid of them. We are a democracy folks. We need the truth to keep this democracy functioning.

Finally, are we starting to understand why Republicans were so afraid of Loretta Lynch. In the month or so of her tenure, high profile cases are getting the attention they deserve. Baltimore, FIFA and now Hastert. I hope she is just warming up. Wall Street and the banksters need her attention.

So now we know it wasn’t because of her skin color or her gender that Republicans feared her. It was because she might actually be competent and honest. Bad traits to Republicans. No doubt that is why Grassley and Ernst voted against her.

Last words on Hastert. I hope he is convicted and they lock the cell door behind him and lose the key.

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  1. Hugo S LaVia says:

    Come on, give the guy a break. If he hadn’t had all that ill-gotten money, he’d have never been able to pay his blackmailer. 🙂


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