Sunday Funday – Blowing Into Spring

dress for sale - cheep!

dress for sale – cheep!

The winds of change blew last week and they blew very hard. Seems a little early here in Iowa to be getting such strong storms, but Mother Nature doesn’t do things by the calendar. If it wasn’t tied down, it may no longer be around. So be careful when you put the dog or the kitty out and make sure they have tags or a microchip for later identification.

Were you paying attention last week?

1) Hey Mon! Obama went to Jamaica last week. What museum was one of his first stops?

2) Cyclone nation’s got your back! What Cyclone coach will be undergoing a second heart procedure Friday?

3) Call the Republicans! We got another case of voter fraud! What presidential candidate lied on his voter registration form by listing himself as “Hispanic?”

4) A young man walking to work caught quite an event on his cell phone camera in South Carolina Monday. What was it?

5) In Altoona, Pa. a parishioner disrupted Easter Sunday mass by doing what?

6) Rarified air. What college basketball coach joined John Wooden as the only 2 to win 10 NCAA titles last week?

7) Touchy, touchy. What presidential candidate lost his temper with interviewers 3 times last week when he didn’t like the way a question was asked?

8) Truly a poorly held secret. What presidential candidate is expected to announce today?

9) Christians were pretty bent out of shape when a representative of what religion gave the opening prayer at the Iowa legislature Thursday?

10) To no ones surprise, who was convicted in the Boston Marathon massacre last week?

11) There are rules. Whose presidential announcement was taken down by youtube due to copyright violation?

12) What metropolitan area that includes an Iowa segment is slowly approaching 1 million residents?

13) Tuesday is the 150th anniversary of what tragic event?

14) The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee touched off a bit of a storm by recommending what kind of diet?

15) At a meeting next week a federal advisory group is expected to recommend the shutting down the harvest of what on the West Coast?

16) April 12, 1961 – who is the first human to be launched into space?

17) It is up and running again with twice the power. Coming off a two year shutdown following the discovery of the Higgs bosun what major scientific tool is ready to go again?

18) “The 18th of April of ’75. Hardly a man is still alive who can remember that famous day and year of” what?

19) A yacht race has been proposed for the summer of 2017 at what once impenetrable place?

20) The pizzeria in Walkerton, Indiana proved it – hate pays. How much was raised from an online site to support their stand?

In case you missed it, the Chicago Cubs opened yet another season with a loss. Wait til next century!


1) The Bob Marley museum

2) Fred Hoiberg. He will have an operation at the Mayo Clinic Friday.

3) Jeb Bush

4) The murder of an unarmed black man by a police officer

5) Accidentally shooting a gun he had in his pocket

6) Geno Auriema, coach of the Connecticut women’s team.

7) Rand Paul

8) Hillary Clinton

9) wiccan or pagan

10) Djokhar Tsarnaev

11) Rand Paul’s

12) Omaha-Council Bluffs (or is it Council Bluffs-Omaha?)

13) the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

14) vegan – both for health and environmental reasons

15) sardines – overfished and none left for the sea lions to eat

16) Yuri Gagarin

17) The Large Hadron Collider

18) the midnight ride of Paul Revere

19) The Arctic Ocean. Some expect it to be free enough of ice by then to stage such an event

20) $842,000.

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