Elizabeth Warren Asks: Who Does Congress Work for?

The House responds with a resounding “CORPORATIONS!” very late Thursday night. And it will only get worse after the first of the year, folks. Both in the country in general and in the state in particular

This is what America voted for? I doubt it, but no one told them that this (handing the government over to corporations) is what congress intended to do. It didn’t come up in the campaign. Americans are kept stupid by its corporate media. The corporate media is also the main driver in making far right wing policy the norm while making those of us who believe that government policy should be tilted for making life livable for all Americans. They have a vested stake.

Elizabeth Warren is the most visible of a small group of politicians that are fighting Wall Street for the very soul of the Democratic Party. They own the Republican party At the same time she is one of those fighting for a fair deal for citizens in their fight against turning the government over lock, stock and barrel to corporate interests. It is a small cadre of politicians that believe citizens and not corporations should be in charge of their government. Much as those who founded this country did.

From this corner we say “Go, Elizabeth, go.” We are behind you.

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  1. Leticia Cortez says:

    I admire Elizabeth Warren for speaking out against this corrupt, corporate government we have in DC and in most states. For me it’s Warren/Sanders or Warren/Udall ticket.


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