Democracy For America Still Drafting Warren For 2016

BURLINGTON, VT — Following the release of a POLITICO editorial by Governor Howard Dean announcing his intention to support the potential presidential candidacy of Sec. Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic Party nomination, Democracy for America reiterated its decision, Tuesday, to join the emerging effort to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren into the Presidential campaign.  Click here for BFIA’s take on it.

Statement from Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director of Democracy for America, on Gov. Dean’s Op-Ed:

“Democracy for America respects Governor Dean’s early support, as well as the commitment of the 24% of DFA members who voted for Sec. Clinton as their top choice in DFA’s recent poll of our membership on the 2016 presidential race. Senator Clinton would make a fantastic President and, should she win the nomination, DFA members will work non-stop to help her make history by becoming our nation’s first woman President.

“However, Senator Elizabeth Warren, not Secretary Clinton, recently won first place in our membership poll by nearly twenty points. Senator Warren’s record of standing up to Wall Street and the big banks in the fight against income inequality is inspiring Americans and progressive activists nationwide. The strong support for Warren and the bold populist progressive vision she’s outlined for our country is why, later today, we’ll ask our members to ratify our decision to join the emerging Draft Warren effort.

“We’ve said from the very beginning of our discussions of 2016 that one of DFA’s top priorities will be ensuring that the battle for the Democratic nomination is a contest, not a coronation. Our members clearly agree with that priority which is why we’re planning to work on drafting Warren into the Presidential race and aren’t ready to follow the Governor’s lead in making an early endorsement of Clinton.” — Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

Facts about Democracy for America, the 2016 Presidential Election, and Gov. Howard Dean:

  • This week, Democracy for America announced that it would ask its members to ratify its decision to join the emerging Draft Warren effort.
  • Conducted immediately following the 2014 mid-term election, Elizabeth Warren placed first in DFA’s 2016 Presidential Pulse Poll of its membership with 42.6% of the vote. Bernie Sanders placed second with 24% and Hillary Clinton placed third with 23%.
  • Full results of DFA’s 2016 poll can be viewed (and manipulated) at: poll.democracyforamerica. com/results
  • While now chaired by Gov. Dean’s brother Jim, Democracy for America was founded by Gov. Dean and he continues to serve in a strategic advisory role for the group.
  • Governor Dean has a history of endorsing early in Democratic primaries, often backing unexpected candidates, like NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2013.
  • Governor Dean and DFA often agree on endorsements. In 2014 alone, DFA and Dean raised and spent over $1 million for their jointly-endorsed, top priority “Dean Dozen” candidates.

T. Neil Sroka
Communications Director, Democracy for America

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