Kudos to Bolkcom, Courtney And Hogg

Sen. Joe Bolkcom

Sen. Joe Bolkcom

Three Iowa Democratic senators will attempt to keep food and transportation expenses to a week to $77, approximately the amount that those living on minimum wage in Iowa has in their budgets for those items. While it can never be an apples to apples test, we salute them for at least making the attempt.
State senators Joe Bolkcom of Iowa City, Robb Hogg of Cedar Rapids and Tom Courtney of Burlington will take the challenge issued by Progress Iowa and Iowa Citizen’s Action Network.

rob hogg

From the Radio Iowa report on this story:
“I would love it if even the opponents of raising the minimum wage would at least attempt this,” Sinovic says, “because I think they’d be much better informed when they come back to the legislature next session and decide whether to raise the minimum wage.”

Progress Iowa and other liberal activist groups have formed a “Raise the Wage Iowa Coalition” and they are calling on elected officials in Iowa to live on the minimum wage for a week.

“I would just challenge every Iowan to think about: ‘What would you do with $77 a week?’” says Sue Dinsdale of the Iowa Citiens Action Network. “You don’t have to literally take the challenge…Then sit back and think about your friends and neighbors that are trying to survive on that small amount of money.”

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