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stop climate change denial

I was making a purchase the other day at a local convenience store. I was purchasing a newspaper. The Headline was simply “Global Warmimg.”

The young clerk, looked like a college frosh, muttered something under his breath. I aaked if he didn’t believe in climate change. He said no. So I asked “What do you think is going on?” “I think the world is twisting in a new direction.” I broke out laughing. Couldn’t help myself. But then I got quite serious and said “You may want to look into that much deeper, because your future right now looks pretty scary.”

This is a young man in a small town rejecting science and going with the easy to believe myth. When it finally dawns on folks that their buddies in the fossil fuel industries and the Tea Party have been lying to them just to make a buck they will be either up to their knees in mud or dry as a bone. And they will probably blame the “libruls” for not telling them what was happening.

I am Tired of Terry!
So I am Backing Jack!

One thing is for sure, if Branstad gets elected again you can expect more of the no growth Republican policies. Hatch has been a leader on the economy and I am hoping he can bring the governorship back to democratic policies.

Has Schultz Crapped Out?
Secretary of State no longer in training Matt Schultz may have made some folks mad with the way he ran the SoS office. Seems like he squandered money left and right running down illegal voters that didn’t exist while paying buddies for working after they were let go. Republicans have an undeserved reputation for fiscal responsibility. Since Reagan was president we have seen borrowing on an unprecedented level, wars started without raising taxes, contracts given without bids and major appropriations without being funded.

That is at the national level. At the state level we have the Branstad administration shifting moneys around probably illegally or at least unethically. We have Schultz pissing away money like it was his own. In nearby states we have Walker using staff to work his campaign and we have Brownback in Kansas giving the treasury back to his buddies.

We need Jack Hatch and Brad Anderson to restore the integrity of government in Iowa and stop these silly witch hunts and crony politics.

Crazy Laws – How Much Longer?
I will be sitting down soon with my mentee. He is nearing the end of a successful high school career and hopefully will embark on a successful life. But before he heads out, I want him to know there are some major traps that have been laid along his way by the Republican Party and the Tea Party. Of most concern to me is that he not walk out of school after four or five years with a debt equal to that of a house and no skills saleable on the market.

What Republicans have done to post secondary education and its financing should be a crime. They punish the poor like they do in everything and reward the rich who hold the loans. We are about the only major economy that does not provide education for close to nothing. No, our laws make it difficult for many to go to college. This will come back to haunt America in the global market in a few short years and will last for a long time. It appears that Republicans want Amrica to be a second rate economy with all the gains going to a few.

Newer, Safer Gun Rejected By Right.
I give up. This past week we actually learned that a company had created a gun that would be much safer because the shooter would need to be wearing a watch like object that would have a unique key for one gun. The gun could not be fired without the watch. Thus if the gun fell into the wrong hands, it couldn’t be fired. I suppose someone could come up with a few scenarios where that may not be true, but it would take some doing.

Seems like a great response to the horrible problem of guns falling into the wrong hands. This would be something I would think most gun owners would want. Well, surprise, surprise. That most crazy of all organizations, the NRA, has come out vehemently opposed to it. The guns haven’t even be put on sale yet and the minions of the NRA harassed a potential seller of this gun to the point where he made a strange video explaining he would not sell the gun.

America loses 30,000 citizens yearly to guns. If we had an enemy that was killing 30,000 Americans a year we would be in all out war with them. Yet, we seem to accept this with little push back. This is an issue that must be resolved.

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