Labor Update: Iowa Federation of Labor Endorsements

iowa federation of laborIowa Federation of Labor announces endorsements for June 3rd Primary and November 4th elections in Iowa

The Iowa Federation of Labor Committee on Political Education Convention (COPE) was held Saturday, May 3, 2014, at the Local 310 Steelworkers Union hall in Des Moines.

The 106 Delegates, representing 64 locals, debated and voted on endorsements for the upcoming elections. The recommendations come from the Central Labor Councils (CLC) and then are voted on at the COPE Convention for endorsement.

The Iowa Federation of Labor and the Central Labor Councils believe that these candidates are the best choice for Iowa’s Working Families.

We at the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, realize that voting is a deeply personal matter, and it is the first responsibility of a citizen in a democracy. Therefore we take candidate endorsements seriously and have a vetting process that includes a questionnaire besides the delegate voting process.

The CLC’s made endorsement for races at their meetings separate from the COPE convention.

General Election

US Senator: Bruce Braley

US House 1st District: Pat Murphy

US House 2nd District: Dave Loebsack

US House 3rd District: Staci Appel

US House 4th District: Jim Mowrer

Governor: Jack Hatch

Auditor: Jonathan Neiderbach

Attorney General: Tom Miller

Secretary of State: Brad Anderson

Treasurer of State: Michael Fitzgerald

Endorsements for the Iowa Senate and House

Blackhawk Central Labor Council

HD 50: Doris Fritz
HD 59: Bob Kressig
HD 60: Kayrn Finn
HD 61: Timi Brown-Powers
HD 62: Deborah Berry
HD 63: Teresa Meyer
HD 64: Bruce Bearinger
HD 71: Mark Smith
HD 72: Ben Westphal

Clinton Labor Congress

HD 97: Jay Saxon
SD 49: Rita Hart

Supervisor: Jim West (Clinton)
Supervisor: Gayle Dolan (Clinton)
Supervisor: Maggie Stafford (Clinton)

Des Moines/Henry County Labor Council

Attorney: Amy Beavers (Burlington)
Recorder: Janelle Nalley (Burlington)
Supervisor: Ann Distelhorst (Burlington)

Dubuque Federation of Labor

HD 100: Charles Isenhart
HD 55: Rick Edwards
HD 56: Patti Ruff
HD 57: Nancy Dunkel
SD 29: Tod Bowman

Supervisor: Dave Baker (Dubuque)
Supervisor: Donna Smith (Dubuque)

Recorder: John Murphy (Dubuque)

Hawkeye Labor Council

HD 65: Gary Anhalt
HD 66: Art Staed
HD 69: Kirsten Running-Marquard
HD 70: Todd Taylor
HD 75: Steve Beck
HD 95: Kristi Keast
SD: 35: Wally Horn

Supervisor: Becky Schoop (Linn Co.)

Iowa City Federation of Labor

HD 85: Vicki Lensing
HD 86: Mary Mascher

Supervisor: Janelle Rettig (Iowa City)

Attorney: Janet Lyness (Iowa City)

Lee County Labor Council

HD 83: Jerry Kearns

Supervisor: Don Hunold
(Keokuk & Fort Madison)

Supervisor: Chris Greenwald
(Keokuk & Fort Madison)

Treasurer: Chris Spann
(Keokuk & Fort Madison)

North Central Federation of Labor

HD 7: Dave Grussing
SD 5: Daryl Beall

North Iowa Nine Labor Council

HD 51: Laura Hubka
HD 52: Todd Pritchard
HD 53: Sharon Steckman
HD 8: Nancy Paule Huisinga
SD 27: Amanda Ragan

Northwest Iowa Labor Council

HD 3: Greg Fritzsche
HD 14: David Dawson
HD 17: Kenneth Mertes
SD 7: Jim France
Supervisor: John DiBerardino (Woodbury)

Quad City Federation of Labor

HD 89: Jim Lykam
HD 90: Cindy Winckler
HD 91: John Dabeet
HD 92: Frank Wood
HD 93: Phyllis Thede
SD 45: Joe Seng
SD 47: Maria Bribriesco

Supervisor: William Cusack (Davenport)
Supervisor: James Laird (Davenport)
Supervisor: Brinson Kinzer (Davenport)
Treasurer: Kas Kelly (Muscatine)
Supervisor: Rob Krysh (Muscatine)
Recorder: Nancy Long (Muscatine)

South Central Iowa Federation of Labor

HD 26: Scott Ourth
HD 27: Fred Diehl
HD 28: Megan Suhr
HD 31: Rick Olson
HD 32: Ruth Ann Gaines
HD 33: Brian Meyer
HD34: Bruce Hunter
HD 36: Marti Anderson
HD 40: John Forbes
HD 43: Kim Robinson
HD 47: Hans Erickson
HD 49: Kevin Erickson
SD 13: Pam Deichmann
SD 15: Chaz Allen
SD 17: Tony Bisignano
SD 21: Matt McCoy
SD 23: Herman Quirmbach

Southern Iowa Labor Council

HD 81: Mary Gaskill
HD 82: Curt Hanson
HD 41: Steve Siegel

Southwest Iowa Labor Council

HD 15: Charlie McConkey
HD 16: Marti Nerenstone
HD 21: Tim Ennis

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