George Raveling And “The Speech”

Iowans who have been around for the last 30 years can hardly forget George Raveling, the high energy former Iowa Men’s basketball coach. Raveling always prided himself more as a leader and shaper of young men than as a basketball coach. Many may also remember that when he came to Iowa during an interview he almost off-handedly mentioned that he had the original copy of Martin Luther King’s speech for the day. That would be the now famous “I Have A Dream” speech. The copy has been verified as the original copy and could be worth millions. Video and story here

attribute cedar rapids gazette

attribute cedar rapids gazette

When a person considers the many fates that speech may have suffered, falling into the hands of a highly idealistic and motivated young man is probably the best. Coach Raveling now has the speech framed and enshrined in his house. In his own way he has worked a lifetime to live up to Dr. King’s dream. Good to know that speech ended up in good hands.

Polk County Republican Co-Chair Resigns
Kind of hard to summarize the week of news without giving this a mention. Frankly, I don’t even have much to say about it. His decision was no doubt a hard one to make, to realign his conscience with his actions. My only thought is that if the Iowa Republicans are anything like their national brethren, those hands that were slapping you on the back last week will have knives in them this week and a surly attitude to go with it. I heard a little of some national talk radio guy tearing this guy down on the radio Wednesday. As George W. used to say “You’re either with us or you’re against us.”

Don’t know about the rest of you, but this has been about the worst summer I have ever experienced with allergies. Funny how it really affects clear thinking. Seems like all I want to do is sleep. That and drill a hole in my head to let the water out. But I hear that doesn’t work and could have consequences. Drat!

Katrina – Eight Years Hence
According to a recent poll reported at talkingpointsmemo a significant chunk of Louisiana Republicans think Pres. Obama was responsible for the slow federal response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Trouble is, Obama was a freshman senator from Illinois at the time. Still 29% think he was responsible, while only 28% think it was George W. The other 43% are not sure. Seriously, not sure. This is a tough one to remember, you know. Somehow it had to be Obama. Heck of a job, Republicans.

Hamburger From McDonald’s?
Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has won his long-fought battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world – McDonalds. After Oliver showed how McDonald’s hamburgers are made, the franchise finally announced that it will change its recipe, and yet there was barely a peep about this in the mainstream, corporate media.

Oliver repeatedly explained to the public, over several years – in documentaries, television shows and interviews – that the fatty parts of beef are “washed” in ammonium hydroxide and used in the filling of the burger. Before this process, according to the presenter, the food is deemed unfit for human consumption. According to the chef and hamburger enthusiast, Jamie Oliver, who has undertaken a war against the fast food industry, “Basically, we’re taking a product that would be sold in the cheapest way for dogs, and after this process, is being given to human beings.”

Besides the low quality of the meat, the ammonium hydroxide is harmful to health. Oliver famously coined this the “the pink slime process.”

“Why would any sensible human being put meat filled with ammonia in the mouths of their children?” Oliver asked.

Will Fracking Cause Sinkholes?
We see the sinkholes open up in Florida all over the place. Where once there was underground water is now an empty cavern that is crumbling taking the surface with it. Same is true at various places around the country. Down in Louisiana in a town called Bayou Corne a cavern created by emptying a salt dome is slowly crumbling and releasing gas and oil into the lake that has been created as the dome expands.

Many sinkholes are over caverns left vacant of content. That mining was often done without fracturing rock. Now think of all the places where ‘fracking’ – actually fracturing underlying rock – has taken place in this country. A connection between fracking and increased earthquakes has already been established. Think what will happen when all those rocks that have been fractured under high pressure start to “settle.” Our progeny already has so much to thank us for.

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