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L to R: Trish Nelson, Caroline Vernon, Dr. Alta Price, Paul Deaton, Dave Bradley. Photo by Dan DeShane

L to R: Trish Nelson, Caroline Vernon, Dr. Alta Price, Paul Deaton, Dave Bradley. Photo by Dan DeShane

DAVENPORT– Editors and contributors to Blog for Iowa met with our publisher on Thursday, Aug. 22, at a local restaurant to discuss the future of our blog. We plan to be around through our tenth anniversary on April 2, 2014 and beyond. That we could sustain this work for so long is the result of the efforts of editors and contributors over the years, but none of it would have been possible without our publisher, Dr. Alta Price of Bettendorf. Dr. Price renewed her commitment to Blog for Iowa, which “is paid for privately to the tune of $15 a month” according to to the footnote on the front page.

Horticulturalist Dan DeShane brought fresh tomatoes to the restaurant, which he sliced on the spot and offered. Bags of organic sweet corn and tomatoes were exchanged. But the “meat” of the dinner was conversation about issues we write about on the blog: media, ALEC, the Iowa legislature, health care, climate change, and others, including Howard Dean who got us started.

After the meal, we went to Cobblestone Place where Progressive Action for the Common Good (PACG) held its monthly community networking night.  The group was hosting Evan Burger and Adam Mason from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (ICCI) for a discussion about the group’s campaigns, including Iowa water quality. Dr. Price serves on the board of PACG.

We don’t get together often, but  when we do, there is new energy. Blog for Iowa plans to be around as the online information source for Iowa’s progressive community for years to come.

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  1. Wally Wallace says:

    You all do a great job representing issues important to progressives. Thanks for standing up and being proud Progressives. What was your discussion about Howard Dean? Lots of people have “x” Howard off their list. I lived in Vermont for a long time and like so many others, busted my behind on his campaign. I don’t like his DC position, at all.


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