Proud of the Iowa Supremes Today

Iowa Supreme Court

Iowa Supreme Court

In case you had missed it yesterday, the Iowa Supreme Court upheld a decision they had made in January that yes, indeed, you can be fired from your job just for being too attractive. If you hadn’t guessed already the ‘defendant’ in the case is a female and the Iowa Supremes who ruled are a bunch of overgrown boys.

From talkingpointsmemo:

Coming to the same conclusion as it did in December, the all-male court found that bosses can fire employees they see as threats to their marriages, even if the subordinates have not engaged in flirtatious or other inappropriate behavior. The court said such firings do not count as illegal sex discrimination because they are motivated by feelings, not gender.

The ruling upholds a judge’s decision to dismiss a discrimination lawsuit filed against Fort Dodge dentist James Knight, who fired assistant Melissa Nelson, even while acknowledging she had been a stellar employee for 10 years. Knight and his wife believed that his attraction to Nelson — two decades younger than the dentist — had become a threat to their marriage. Nelson, now 33, was replaced by another woman; Knight had an all-femalestaff.

The all-male court issued its revised opinion Friday in the case after taking the unusual step last month of withdrawing its December opinion, which had received nationwide publicity, debate and criticism.

Nelson’s attorney, Paige Fiedler, had asked the court in January to reconsider, calling the decision a blow for gender and racial equity in the workplace. She had warned the opinion could allow bosses to legally fire dark-skinned blacks and replace them with light-skinned blacks or small- breasted workers in favor of big-breasted workers.

Couple things to say here: Wow what an incredibly stupid decision. I try to fight Iowa’s reputation as backward hayseeds and then our highest judges make decisions like this that prove that yes the state has turned around under Branstad and is headed directly to the 1800s. And the people of Iowa must be proud to have thrown competent judges off the court to have them replaced by Moe, Larry and Curly. The judges who were thrown off the court earned a well deserved “Profile In Courage” award. Bet no one on this group gets one.

Amazingly it was an all male court that decided that when a male can’t control himself and act as a mature citizen, then it must be the woman’s fault. How very,very 19th century of you, boys.

Pretty hard to hold your head up high as an Iowan with neanderthal rulings such as that. What next for the Boys’ Club? Women as property?

Maybe I am over reacting, but I want the women in my life to be treated equally with men. In employment, in health care, simply in all aspects of life. If the dentist in question has a problem he should resolve it himself, not make someone else pay the price. I used to hear all this talk about “personal responsibility.”

If I were a woman I would certainly find another dentist quickly. As a man who supports women, I would do the same. Maybe he can control himself when he is all alone.

I can only hope there is an appeal. I believe that would be to the Supreme Court. They are no longer a Boys’ Club.

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