Cool June Quiz

just not sure

just not sure

It is amazingly cool for June. Not sure if we will pay for this later in the summer, but by gosh it is better than 95. Well it is not like you, I or anyone else can change the upcoming weather this summer. BTW, did you know that Europe is also undergoing massive flooding this spring? Our sympathy to all those suffering this spring with floods.

Questions? We got ’em:

1) Sitting by the phone, waiting for his call. What man has forsaken Senator Grassley?

2) This company was subject of protest marches around the world last week. What company are we talking about?

3) “Can you hear me now?” Well, apparently the answer is yes. Which company confirmed that the government has been listening in to its customers for years?

4) Out of sight, out of mind. This small town in Arkansas experienced an oil spill a couple of months ago. Last I heard, people were suffering, but the public seems to have forgotten them. What is the name of the town?

5) After Frank Lautenburg died, NJ Gov. Chris Christie picked a really odd date for an election to replace him. Can you remember that date?

6) June 6, 1968. What is the major news story of the day?

7) This head of state announced he and his wife were divorcing. Could Sarah Palin see it from her house? Who is this head of state?

8) Two candidates officially announced Monday that they will be running for the senate seat that Harkin is leaving. Can you name either one?

9) The glow has dimmed a bit in eastern Iowa this week. What energy company announced they were abandoning plans to build a nuclear power plant in Iowa?

10) Michelle Obama had to handle a heckler during a fund raising speech Tuesday. What cause was the heckler supporting?

11) June 7,1965. The Supreme Court rules that people have the right to privacy and may use contraceptives. Can you remember what the parties in this groundbreaking decision?

12) This Fox News personality had talked of running for the senate from New Jersey. However with a special election coming, he has decided not to run. Whose mustache will not be seen on CSPAN in the future?

13) Wow – we have had a named hurricane so early in the hurricane season. NOAA makes a prediction every year for the upcoming hurricane season. How many named hurricanes, within 2, have they predicted for this year?

14) What are the beginning and end dates for the Atlantic hurricane season?

15) Jon Stewart is taking a break from the fake news industry to test his talents in other areas. Who will be filling the chair at The Daily Show for the summer?

Word to the wise. This is our only planet. Treat it with love.

Let’s have some answers!

1) President Obama. Grassley was complaining early in the week that President Obama doesn’t call him any more.

2) Monsanto

3) Verizon

4) Mayflower, Arkansas

5) Wednesday October 16, 2013

6) Robert Kennedy was shot and killed after winning the California primary

7) Vladimir Putin

8) David Young of Grassley’s staff and Matt Whitaker. Both are republicans

9) Mid-American Energy

10) ending discrimination in employment for LGBT workers by employers who get federal contracts

11) the famous Griswold v. Connecticut case.

12) Geraldo Rivera. Alas! He has decided not to run for senate from New Jersey

13) a range of 13 to 20 named storms this year.

14) The hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30 each year

15) John Oliver.

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