Major Fleets Converting To Natural Gas


just curious

just curious

When we look behind the curtain of bad policies that remain stuck in place by Republican obstruction you will see that companies are gearing up for the future despite what policies are in place. For them, to be behind the curve may mean the difference between being competitive or losing lots of business. In that vein you see many insurance companies shying away from insuring buildings near the oceans due to climate change.

Over the years most companies have done what they can to stretch their energy dollars. Things like the air deflectors on semi cabs have meant millions. So now we have some of the major fleets making noise of going to natural gas over oil. I would like to say this is good, but the damage that mining natural gas does, I can only say one thing: FRACK! And I don’t mean that in a nice way.

Branstad Wants A Raise?
Or so states a mailer from the Democratic Party. This is not actually true. Branstad proposes a raise for the next governor. I for one am not ready to concede the next election to Branstad without at least a fight. I think that Branstad’s lies, a stagnant Iowa economy and a general tiring of Republicans working only for the 1% can spell doom for the governor for life.

Thank You Senator Courtney
I see that Senator Tom Courtney reprised his allegations from last fall on Secretary of State in training Matt Schultz on misuse of federal funds.

Let me say Thank You, Senator Courtney! This Branstad administration needs close watch and Matt Schultz in particular. The people of Iowa say thank you!

Whatever Will The Impeachment Charges Be?

“High Crimes and Misdemeanors” are the reasons stated in the Constitution for impeachment of a president. No doubt this clause is quite vague so that pretty much any malfeasance in office can give the House of Representatives reason to act. I fully expect that with the current House, its gutless leader and the ideologically driven tea party goofballs, impeachment will be on the table about a year from now. Right at a time it can affect the 2014 election, because everything they do is geared to being elected.

So what will be the “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” Obama will be charged with?
– Golfing too much and golfing left handed?
– Having too nice of a family to really hate?
– being president while black?
– some silly Frank Luntz concoction of words that sounds ugly?
– born in a foreign country – Hawaii?

Property Tax Compromise: Christmas For Wamart

Boosts EITC, brings challenges to local services

Just got an email from Iowa Fiscal Project. These guys are great at analyzing the real effect of fiscal policies. And it looks like they see a real stinkeroo in the property tax compromise that is being floated. Looks like big business gets most of the Christmas meal, poor folks get a few crumbs and cities and local services get the boot in the butt:

CONTACT: Mike Owen (319) 338-0773,
NOTE: Peter Fisher is available for interviews.
IOWA CITY, Iowa (May 16, 2013) — The nonpartisan Iowa Fiscal Partnership today released the following statement from Peter Fisher about the Iowa House-Senate conference committee report on SF295. This is the legislation that wraps property tax changes into a package that includes several other items, including an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

It’s Christmas for Walmart and McDonald’s, which will happily receive property-tax breaks that they don’t need, while their low-wage employees receive a better Earned Income Tax Credit.

This Christmas tree will grow bigger with each passing year, leaving less room in local budgets to respond to needs. The EITC expansion is important to working families — including 37 percent of all Iowa kids — but in the balance of who benefits from this package, it is a very small ornament.

If there is any question as to who benefits, Iowans should note that the EITC boost will be $35 million when fully phased in, compared to about 10 times that for property owners.

As we noted last month, the only justification for dealing with commercial property taxes was a political one. It has never been based on either an economic or competitive need to cut commercial property taxes in Iowa. So we have a politically derived package that will meet the demonstrated need to improve the EITC but leaves open new challenges to the support of critical public services in our state.
Peter Fisher is research director of the Iowa Policy Project (IPP) and recently co-authored a report with IPP research associate Heather Gibney about the competing property-tax proposals being considered by lawmakers.

The Iowa Fiscal Partnership is a joint public policy analysis initiative of two nonpartisan, nonprofit Iowa-based organizations, IPP in Iowa City and the Child & Family Policy Center in Des Moines. Reports are at



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