What Happened Last Week??

just not sure

just not sure

Yesterday was our anniversary – number 39 I am told. We had a great day – went out for dinner and did some spring cleaning and began the annual process of killing some tomato plants. I love nature. And  I really need to write that date down. Seems to happen every year about this time.

Well were you paying attention this week?

1) Angelina Jolie had a preventative double mastectomy because of her proclivity to breast cancer. This was because she was found to have what gene that greatly increased her chances to develop the cancer?

2) This week the IRS was accused of unfairly targetting political organizations. Most of the organizations in question came into being due to what SCOTUS decision?

3) As Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton signed the bill for marriage equality in Minnesota Tuesday. What major American business did Dayton’s family start?

4) In Aurora, Colorado a High School security officer shot a student. What was the security officer doing when his gun went off?

5) Last week information was released showing that 40 of the 50 states had a coach as their highest paid state employee. Who is Iowa’s highest paid state employee? Any idea how much?

6) Fifty-one years ago this Texan was engaged in a Texas sized scandal involving agriculture and the US Ag department. His life then went from one corruption scandal to another. Although he was often coupled with LBJ the only real connection they had was being Texans. Who died Tuesday in Texas ending a life of corruption and greed?

7) Pablo Pantoja decided to change his registration from Republican to Democrat. Why is this significant?

8) The summer of 1973 people would be transfixed by TV images of major historical significance. What started on May 17, 1973 – forty years ago?

9) Over in Governor Walker’s fiefdom of Wisconsin, a university of Wisconsin geologist was convicted of what crime which happened during the protests 2 years ago?

10) 50 years ago on May 16th, 1963 Gordon Cooper took his only space flight and ended what phase of the space program?

11) Three times in the past 10 days an Army officer in charge of sexual assault prevention has been arrested for what?

12) Someone in the Republican Party apparently changed wording on White House emails in a press release. This became apparent when the raw emails were released. Will Darrel Issa’s committee pursue this?

13) Just a little over a year ago, May 9th, President Obama had his hand forced by VP Biden and his kids and agreed that this should be legal. What did President Obama endorse that day?

14) Shades of the Cold War. What happened in Moscow this week?

15) We don’t do this anymore, thank goodness. But 60 years ago, America conducted a test and many ‘downwinders’ lost livestock and eventually contracted cancer from this test. What was our government testing?

Well, The weather is getting pretty nice. My kids in Minnesota report that it hasn’t snowed in two weeks. They also reported a breakout of rainbows Tuesday night, despite no rain. Pretty odd.

Also, thanks to Rep. Alan Grayson’s email I am advised that today is the 50th anniversary of the first publication of MLK’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” We would sure be remiss if we did not mention that incredible piece of  Civil Rights history. Thank you Rep. Grayson for reminding us of this.

Let’s have some answers:

1) the BRCA1 gene.

2) Citizens United vs. the FEC that allowed unlimited money to flow to issue organizations.

3) Target Stores. I believe the family has been out of it for a long time. Started as Dayton Department Stores.

4) He was locking his gun in his glove compartment when it went off hitting a student walking nearby. Handled safely, guns are no threat.

5) Kirk Ferentz. He is paid just short of $4 million/year

6) Billy Sol Estes died Tuesday.

7) Pablo Pantoja was the Hispanic outreach for Republicans in Florida. But he got tired of Republicans attitude toward Hispanics.

8) The Senate Watergate hearings.

9) He drew a message on the capitol grounds sidewalk in chalk. The jury fined him $50 and court costs.

10) Gordo (as us kids of the period called him) ended the Mercury program with a 22 orbit spin around the globe.

11) Sexual assault. It is estimated that our services have as many as 26,000 sexual assaults a year.

12) okay this is an opinion question. But seriously, Issa pursue a Republican?

13) Marriage equality. Sheesh, look what has happened since then.

14) A CIA operative was arrested as a spy.

15) Sixty years ago we held an above ground nuclear test. Fallout had some very long term effects. Story and video here

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