The Biggest Reason For Medicaid Expansion

medicaid expansionThere are some legislators in Iowa that seem to think that they are invulnerable to whatever sickness or illness that may be unleashed on the populace. As long as they have access to medical aid they will be OK. There concern about medicine ends at their own nose and their own wallet. They deride the idea of helping anyone else out through public funds is derided as “welfare.”

This is a truly ignorant and selfish idea. When it comes to matters that involve the whole public we need to think of the welfare of the entire citizenry first. Withholding medical care from the poor is not only ignorant and selfish, but it may bomerang on those who feel they are somehow innoculated by their money.

In recent years we have seen the rising of new bacteria and viruses that are resistant to our ability to treat them. Giving these strains of diseases what is basically a laboratory of poor people to grow and develop in is really a foolish course. Yet we have legislators who are much more tied to some short term stand on taxes than the long term good of the whole.

Once more we have a warning that there may be an evolved strain of an old bug that may cause havoc among humanity soon. If not this one there will be another and another ad infinitum. Yet if we have our doctors and clinics open only to the wealthy, you have to know medicine will not be able to hold back the ravages for long. When a fourth of our population is allowed to access only the most expensive form of health care and then only at a time of dire emergency it is like opening up the banquet hall to diseases.

In short, the question before the Iowa legislature is public health versus what exactly the other side is fighting for is a mystery. We will all be paying taxes for services we won’t be getting. So they are not saving anyone a nickel. Seems like all they are trying to do is keep an underclass of Americans who can’t access health care now as an underclass in perpetuity. I guess keeping some segment of the populace in a form of poverty must be important – we do it all the time.

If public funding were such a scourge we would be limiting access to public roads, public buildings, public parks, public schools and on down the line to those who can pay. Maybe that is the way we should conduct our society – you don’t pay, you get no access. Sound like democracy to you?

Or said another way, this can be seen as a selfish vote. In order to save money covering the use of the most expensive health care by the poor, in order to save myself and my family from epidemics or pandemics, the smart vote would be to let all people have access to preventative medical care. Besides, this is Walmart’s health care plan. Got to take care of Walmart.

Just to let you know that diseases continue a ceaseless onslaught on humans, read this story from very conservative magazine Forbes magazine.


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