Maybe Sir Mick Jagger Could Advise The Economy

2026_curious-catAfter all Sir Mick studied at the London School of Economics. Had that other gig not worked out as it did, perhaps he would have capped his economics career advising David Cameron. Could have done it with a rock ‘n’ roll beat so maybe Brits wouldn’t notice every thing swirling around the crapper. As Republicans keep saying, their message is good, it is how it is being delivered.

Maybe Republicans could get their go to rocker Ted Nugent to whip a little ditty like “Who You Gonna Call After We’ve Taken It All?” or some other message songs.

Getting Their Hands On Social Security
It just occurred to me that the driving force behind every maneuver the right has made in recent years has been to get their hands on the Social Security trust fund. Every crisis they have created since St.Ronald of Reagan was president ended with a negotiating stance that included some form of privatizing Social Security. The biggest reason is the $2 trillion that is in the Social Security Trust Fund. Oh they desperately, desperately want to get their hands on that so they can slowly drain it to their friends on Wall street in the form of charges and fees etc.

And the other thing is that once they break through the last great social safety net, that pretty much destroys everything the Democratic Party stands for. They don’t need to swallow it all at once whole. What they need is a small break, just an opening. Once the barrier is breached, they can slowly tear at it and tear at it until there is nothing left. All they need right now is for the leaders of the Democratic Party (Obama, Reid, Durban) to agree to cut backs in payments such as the CPI. Once SS is up for negotiations, it is forever open to nicks and cuts that will eventually tear the fabric apart.

One of the tactics that is used is the idea that investing in Wall Street will make everybody rich. If you remember history, you will remember that the ones who get rich in all the gold rushes are the ones selling the shovels and pans, not the gold rushers themselves. Same goes here: those selling the securities get rich while the investors get fleeced.

Scalia: What I Know I learned From My Son
Interesting twist to the strange questions and statements that Justice Antonin Scalia makes during discussions of anything gay: his son is a priest who approaches homosexuality as something that may exist but is a behavior that shouldn’t be practiced.

“Insights into Scalia’s understanding of homosexuality (or lack thereof) can perhaps be found through his son, Rev. Paul Scalia, a Catholic priest in Arlington, Virginia. The younger Scalia has worked with the Church’s Courage ministry, which promotes “chastity” for gay Catholics using principles from ex-gay therapy. He has also spoken openly on the topic, and though he’s proven quite capable of reiterating the Church’s anti-gay teachings, a 2005 article reveals just how distorted the family’s view on homosexuality may be.

Writing about labels, Rev. Scalia compares identifying as gay to other school stereotypes like “preps,” “jocks,” and “geeks,” and argues that it’s unhelpful to young people to encourage them to embrace such labels. Challenging the notion that homosexuality even exists, he tries to distinguish between having “homosexual inclinations” or identifying as “a gay,” suggesting that some kids are “just confused.” Of course, his intention is to reduce homosexuality to “behaviors,” inferring that people with same-sex orientations are simply heterosexuals inclined to a special kind of sin. His true goal with this wordplay is to find a way to justify parents’ rejecting their gay children.”

Note that those on the right seldom use the word “gay” but seem to always use “homosexual” to make sure that the word “sex” is used so we don’t forget that it is “sex” we are discussing.

Reminder: Climate Change Will Make Summer Miserable
Even tough winter was more near what a normal winter used to be, I think we can bank on this coming summer to be hot and most likely dry at the worst possible time. Australia just suffered through their hottest summer ever, including temperatures never before reached. Could we survive 130 degrees? We may need to try to survive 110 soon.

Early Prediction: Scott Walker Will Be Republican Presidential Nominee
I am sticking my neck way out here, but I really believe that Scott Walker will be the next republican presidential nominee. My reasoning goes like this:

First: the money, the really big money, is behind him. He has been a very good puppet for them so far.
Second: He is a governor and has been an executive. In that capacity he had royally screwed the poor and busted unions like no other.
Third: He will be a sitting governor because the election in Wisconsin will be rigged and he will win in 2014.
The biggest reason is that he has been a good puppet and has proven that he will go the extra yard to do what the rich want. Follow the money

Final Thought – Has It Always Been Follow The Money?
One thought about politics that has stayed with me from the Nixon days is “follow the money.” Now it seems that if we put that yardstick up against every Republican move, “follow the money” is almost always the working philosophy behind most policy moves. Was that always true? Was “follow the money” the working philosophy behind slavery? Was “follow the money” the working philosophy behind suppressing the colonies?

I have no answer. This is just a question I keep in the back of my mind to muse on when I have time. So far the answer seems to be YES, but there is lots of history yet to ponder.

Oops – One More

Wish I had some kind of  “quote of the week award.” Make no doubt about it, Justice Ginsburg made one of the great statements of all time with her comment on 2 types of marriage in the US  “There are two kinds of marriage: full marriage and the sort of  skim-milk marriage.” Really summed it up.

Legislative Forums

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