No, We Do Not Gotta Love Steve King

Here's King at an earlier date explaining how to construct an electrified livestock fence for the Mexican border.

Here’s King explaining how to construct an electrified livestock fence on the Mexican border

One of our favorite websites,, had this to say about Steve King:

“You’ve gotta’ love these so-called “small government” Republicans who don’t mind imposing their religious views on the rest of the country. Someone needs to explain to this wingnut that marriage is a civil right and that it is not a requirement that those who get married have children.”

No, we do not gotta love Steve King.

I will say this for King though, he is one of the few right wingers who actually believes what he is saying. Most of them are just repeating what they are told to say.  Not King.  He has his own internal logic on everything he puts forth. The nuttiness of Steve King is fresh, original and unique.  He doesn’t get his stuff from conservative talk radio.  Make no mistake about it:  These are his ideas.

You can tell. Just follow his logic, and then try and argue that it is anything but original. Here’s King on same-sex marriage:

“The states require a marriage license,” King said. “A license is by definition a permit to do that which is otherwise illegal. Licenses are used to direct and regulate human behavior — a license to drive, a license to fish, a license to hunt, a license to cut hair, a license to do brain surgery, or a license to join the bar, or actually own a bar. And this is all a proper thing for our state to do because they are regulating and promoting certain kinds of activity and behavior.

“That’s why there is a marriage license,” he continued. “You have to meet the qualifications in the same fashion as all of the other licenses I have mentioned. Marriage is promoted by the states because that is the best way that we know how to promote the best of our culture and civilization into the next generation.”

There you go.  Gay people just don’t meet the requirements for a license.  How complicated is that?

You won’t find that talking point anywhere else in the right-wing nutosphere.  You won’t hear it on Fox or Drudge or Limbaugh or Beck or WHO-Radio.  It’s King’s alone.  He came up with it himself because he is an original thinker and a true believer of the right-wing conservative ideology.  This makes him dangerous, yet electorally vulnerable at the same time, because he has no idea how he sounds to regular folks, like the right-wingers do who are just lying for the money and can tone it down when they need to.

Also, because King has been squirreled away on Iowa’s left coast for so long where there is only conservative talk radio for news, very little reality based media available such as Iowa Public Radio, he naturally assumes that most people agree with him (except for a few femi-nazis who supported Christie Vilsack in the last campaign).

One question remains.  Will Steve King throw his hat in the ring for Tom Harkin’s senate seat?

Answer:  oh please oh please.



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3 Responses to No, We Do Not Gotta Love Steve King

  1. Robert Smith says:

    Hi Trish! Interesting article… but I can’t take it for granted that a right-winger like King can’t get elected to higher office: Ted Cruz won — and we can’t just say, “Oh well, that’s Texas for you…” King is dangerous because he could win — as with most elections, it will probably come down to fundraising and outside monies. You can be sure that more than a ton of money will go into the Senate campaigns of 2014! Progressives need to organize — as the conservatives have since 1964 –for a perpetual campaign: media focused: and get those stations or radio shows into every red state or area. A long, slow, slog but sustainable change happens on the unpaved roads…


  2. Dan Cain says:

    You’re right on target with your comments about Steve King, but please don’t misunderstand Iowa West as does the Des Moines Register–and the rest of the Central Iowa snobs who believe the South Dakota border lies just west of Des Moines. We listen to three different Public Radio stations–Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota–and actually access news stations other than FOX. King is a simpleton who knows how to push the buttons of extremist religious sects in far NW Iowa. The right wing whackos are not confined to this corner of the state. Count on it, King’s massive ego will require him to run for the Senate, and Des Moines alone does not have the votes to defeat him. You’re going to need a few of us unwashed masses over here in the hinterlands who have been fighting him for years.


  3. Trish Nelson says:

    Dan, thanks for reading Blog for Iowa. You make some great points. I once looked at the locations of IPR broadcasts on your side of the state and it seemed to me there were big chunks of real estate that were not in broadcast range of IPR. I think this would be worth finding out more about, but frankly, I don’t know how to proceed. And as you know, conservative talk radio saturates our entire state’s radio airwaves, to our state’s great detriment. That is as true for eastern Iowa as well as western Iowa. Also, we have been trying to recruit a poster for BFIA from western Iowa. Contact us by e-mail at if you are interested. In any event, hopefully, we can join forces to throw SK out of office once and for all.


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