Call Your Legislator About Medicaid Expansion!

2026_curious-catOne thing we hope here at blogforiowa is that occasionally our writings will spur some action. This week I am outright begging everyone to please contact their state representative and senator to request that they support Medicaid Expansion in Iowa. The Iowa Hospital Association has a great entry on all the good joining in on the Expansion would bring to Iowa.

I can’t find any claims for what good Gov. Branstad’s version of Medicaid will bring. We do know it will cost the individual Iowan more and serve fewer and Branstad will tell us it’s one heck of a good deal.

Thank you Sen. Wilhelm
Many of you have probably seen this, but if you haven’t it is worth the 3 minutes or so to hear Sen. Wilhelm’s response to Branstad’s Medicaid proposal.

And A Big Thank You To Scott Prouty
In case you missed one of the big stories of the week, Scott Prouty was revealed as the person who made the surreptitious video of Mitt Romney being the real Mitt Romney last year. This was the famous 47% tape that no doubt had some effect on last years presidential election. I believe Mr. Prouty should be considered for a Profile In Courage award. I am sure now that he has revealed himself, he will be getting the usual proverbial beating by the right wing echo machine – the newspapers, radio and TV that will be using his name to rile up their minions from here on out. You can catch Ed Schultz’s interview with Prouty here: 

Please Tip Your Waiter Or Waitress

As awareness is once more raised on low wage workers and just how low minimum wages really are in relation to the cost of living, one group seems to be left out of the conversation again. That is those who serve our food, the wait staff. This group of workers is often paid well below even minimum wage thanks to special treatment for restaurants many decades ago that have been carried over. And if you believe that most wait people make gazillions in tips you definitely out of touch with reality. Read the story of how wait staffs are mistreated here.

It is truly a horror show. From what I understand in Minnesota wait staffs are covered by minimum wage laws and restaurant prices are little different than those in Wisconsin or other border states. Next time you go out for a meal, remember to tip the wait staff, lest they starve.

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