Sunday Funday – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

bpm-questions-you-should-ask-your-bpms-vendor1Whether you are Catholic, Christian or none of the above, in the United States on March 17th every one becomes some version of Irish. And once again as has been true for the past 4 years Americans will be led in celebration by their jolly Irish President, Brrrrrak O’Bama. We shake the bushes every year for questions relating to Ireland for St. Patty’s Day. Let us try one more time and see what falls out.

1) Irish peoples are often also called “Celtic.” However Celts were not originally from Ireland. Where did the Celts originate from?
a) Africa
b) Scandanavia area
c) mediterranean basin
d) central Europe

2) Patrick was not born in Ireland itself, but was brought into Ireland as a slave from what current country?
a) England
b) Wales
c) Scotland
d) France

3) One of the great stories about Saint Patrick is that he drove the snakes from Ireland. Is this story truth or myth?
a) truth – he did drive the snakes from Ireland
b) Myth – he did not drive the snakes from ireland

4) Patrick was said to use the Shamrock to illustrate one of his teachings. What teaching was that?
a) The relation of man to government and man to God
b) The God trinity
c) The hierarchy of the Church at that time.
d) The history of religion up to that time.

5) March 17th is a celebratory island in a period of solemnity in the Christian churches. What is this period of solemnity called?
a) Advent
b) Pentecost
c) Mardi Gras
d) Lent

6) How is St. Patrick’s Day treated as a holiday in the US?
a) It is a federal holiday and federal workers are givn the day off
b) It is not a government holiday, but is a holy day of obligation for Catholics
c) it is neither a governmental nor church holiday. It is simply an undeclared day for fun
d) It varies as a governmental holiday from state to state, but is a holy day of obligation for the Catholic church.

7) There was a great migration from Ireland to the US in the middle of the 19th century. What was the driver for this migration?
a) the great cabbage famine of 1842
b) Locust infestation 1845
c) Invasion of Ireland by the British 1845
d) the great potato famine of 1845

8) The Easter Rising of 1916 was fought mostly in what area?
a) Belfast and surrounding area
b) Dublin and surrounding area
c) Londonderry and surrounding area
d) County Cork

9) In Irish stories and song, who are referred to as the Orange?
a) The Catholics
b) the Protestants
c) those living in Southern Ireland
d) the landed class

10) By percentage, what is the most Irish large city in the US?
a) Chicago, Illinois
b) Cincinnati, Ohio
c) New York City, N.Y.
d) Boston, Mass.

You know, I bet you got one right. That is enough to deserve a green beer or two.
Concerning question 10, the city with the highest percentage Irish population of any size is Butte, Montana followed by Ocean City N.J. and Corinth, Miss. That last one really surprised me.

And now some ANSWERS:

1) d) central Europe

2) c) Scotland

3) b) myth – most believe the snakes were never there

4) b) the trinity

5) d) Lent

6) c) neither governmental holiday nor church holy day

7) d) the great potato famine

8) b) Dublin

9) b) the Protestants

10) d) Boston, Mass. note: this was large cities. Boston has ~ 20%

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