Sunday Funday – The Liberal Media

bpm-questions-you-should-ask-your-bpms-vendor1One of the big complaints while the Republican Party rose is that the media was behind them 100%. Well I am here to say that it is only about 98%. We do actually have a small corner of the media. You have to search for them, but when you find them it is so satisfying. And there is some presence on cable TV. Again, kind of hard to find, but so satisfying when you do.

So let’s see if you are at all familiar with the folks who populate that little liberal corner of the media. (hint: the name Limbaugh will not be spoken here)

1) Let’s start with this guy who is no longer on the air, but when he was he commanded a loyal following. However, there are some feelings he is a prima donna. Former ESPN broadcaster and once the anchor of the MSNBC nightly lineup, this liberal TV personality is:

2) Former Rhodes Scholar from San Franciso, she used to do a very early morning show for Air America. She slowly worked her way into a spot on MSNBC’s evening lineup. Known for her thorough preparation and a real talent for making a story very understandable, this woman is:

3) Want a laugh? This daughter of a former Republican vice-presidential candidate from New York hosts a fast paced morning show that is full of jokes, voice imitations and rotating comedian co-hosts. Any idea who this liberal radio talker is?

4) Listening to this guy’s afternoon show is almost like taking a course in political science. Doing a simulcast on radio and Free Speech TV, this host takes on opposing guests and callers and blows them away with facts.

5) Here’s an easy one. This former Air America talker talked his way into a senate seat a few years back, even though it did take a while for his victory to finally be acknowledged. He is also a veteran of network TV, he is …..

6) Want some real straight talk from this Air Force veteran? Give a listen in the afternoon and she will tell it like it is in no uncertain terms. She is from Florida and her name is?

7) Former chair of the California Democratic Party, this early morning talker does a simulcast on radio and Current TV. His show comes out of Washington, D.C. where he is able to get many elected Democrats to come on and give the real low down.

8) This big redhead who hails from the plains of North Dakota is a former republican who was converted by his wife. You could listen as his views changed during his early radio years. Now he hosts a daily 3 hour call in show on the radio and an hour at night on MSNBC. We all call him……

9) The founder and lead voice on DemocracyNow!, she is a thorn in the side of those in power. Not sure if she is a liberal, but if you want to be informed you need to catch her broadcast on one of many broadcast outlets or on Free Speech TV. She is….

10) Recently, this CNN newscaster has come into her own asking tough questions of those in power. Not sure if she is a liberal, but it is so rare to see news people asking tough questions to politicians (including Terry Branstad)  on her early morning news show.

Well, I left some good folks out here, but I just wanted to show that if you look you can find some good liberals out there to let us know what is really happening.I usually listen to WCPT in Chicago ( or KTNF in Minneapolis (

So who are these people?

1) Keith Olbermann – couldn’t leave him out

2) Rachel Maddow

3) Stephanie Miller – daughter of Goldwater’s VP candidate William Miller

4) Thom Hartmann

5) Al Franken

6) Randi Rhodes

7) Bill Press

8) Big Eddy – Ed Schultz

9) Amy Goodman

10) Soledad O’Brien

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