Christmas Changed This Year

It seems like everyplace I went this past weekend, there was an overwhelming presence in the background. A presence that lingered in every adult’s mind. Eventually someone would blurt out something like “those poor families in Connecticut” or “Christmas just doesn’t seem the same after Friday.” There were probably thousands of ways it was expressed, but it was often accompanied with a tear, or a sigh or a very sad face and voice. And certainly mothers seemed to really feel the pain although fathers certainly did too.

Often the next line was “I don’t know what we can do.” I was always sad to hear that. I think charging in with some political action items at what was supposed to be a party would probably not be welcome. I left that for later, but will definitely follow up. Having watched this country radically change its course over the past forty years it is fairly clear it can be done and what needs to be done. We need to get an electorate that focuses on solving the problem of lack of control in our society. Enough, enough, enough with our slaughtering ourselves and especially our children on an altar of false liberty.

The one thing that all the recent mass murders had in common is not some sort of mental illness, but easy access to guns. And not just guns, but guns whose sole purpose is to kill people. You say it can’t be done? Who in their right mind 40 years ago thought we would be as close as we are to doing away with Social Security? Or Medicare? Or that labor unions would be near extinction? Each of these issues was once upon a time thought to be untouchable, but now are very much on the hotseat of politics.

We as citizens need the political will to stop this slaughter. We need to see that our representatives know that if they stand up for the right thing they will be backed up.

By the way, none of the bill of rights has been found to be absolute in the courts over the centuries. Remember that you can’t libel or slander folks under the right to free speech. The list goes on. The second amendment has its own qualifying language within the amendment. However, somehow the qualifying “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state” seems to have been plunked into dustbin of history.

Arming ourselves to the teeth makes about as much sense as more drunks behind the wheels of automobiles. Why shouldn’t we all be able to drive drunk so we can avoid other drunk drivers?

And I don’t believe the gun lovers really want arms every place as the answer to violence. If they did, there would have been an outcry for every person of color to arm themselves after Trevon Martin was shot to death unarmed by stalker George Zimmerman. I don’t recall the NRA sending out any battle cry like that last March.

Time for common sense in America. So you want to live in a society where you fear that you may get caught in a crossfire between some mass murderer and a band of lone avengers? Do you want to live in a society where you can’t even send your child to school, public or private, without fearing that they could be killed by someone on a mission? No other society even comes close to living with these fears and we should not either.

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