Join Progressive Democrats Of America At The Peoples’ Inauguration

A note from John Nichols:

In 1913, the United States ended the backroom deals that appointed senators and embraced the direct election of the U.S. Senate. That same year, an income tax system was developed to assure that the rich paid their fair share. The Department of Labor was established. And the National Women’s Party came into being.

Sounds ambitious.

So why aren’t we just as ambitious for sweeping progressive reforms today? The honest answer is that we are. Polls confirm the progressive, event radical sentiments of the American people on major issues. Unfortunately, most politicians and most political groups are satisfied clinging to compromise.

Progressive Democrats of America is different.

PDA advocates for Medicare for All, an end to wars of adventure and ambition, and the creation of a just and equitable society. PDA succeeds where other groups fail because it builds real coalitions with major unions such as National Nurses United and activist groups such as United for Peace and Justice. It succeeds by identifying progressive candidates such as Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin early on and then pouring energy and resources into getting them elected. And it succeeds, above all, by sticking to a set of progressive principles and ideals in fights to preserve Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and to protect labor unions from “No Rights at Work” assaults.

In 2013, PDA will bend the arc of history toward justice, just as a previous generation of progressives bent it in 1913.

In peace,

John Nichols

PS: I am proud to join with Progressives from across the country during the Inaugural weekend in DC at Progressive Central III in January. Please make plans to join us; register today to be a part of this historic gathering.


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  1. Sheila Ryan says:

    This has come to me through FB — I am a Sioux City native, born and raised – but now I have few connections left and no progressive ones. Is there a way for me to subscribe to this Blog? I”ve been in the southwest most of my adult life, Phoenix for 20+ years – I’d like to be in touch with this part of Iowa life.
    Thank you.
    In peace
    Sheila Ryan


  2. Trish Nelson says:

    Sheila, you can follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed. To follow on Twitter click on the icon on the left sidebar. Thanks for reading Blog for Iowa.


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