Have I Gone To Hell?

I am writing this on Monday as it crosses my heat weary mind. Over the years, many folks have invited me to take a trip south, to a place called Hell. I have graciously declined knowing that our travel budget is quite limited and that the climate was a might sticky and sultry for my tastes. I like it cool. But it seems that Hell must not be getting enough business lately and appears to be offering free samples.

Either that or I have actually died and am here on a permanent basis. I can’t really tell. I had always figured most of my friends would end up here. Near as I can tell most of them are here also, so it looks like we may have all come here together. Well thank goodness I have company.

Why is it when presented with facts, republicans demand “the truth”, like they’re two different things? (Stolen from an internet comment)

Eminent Domain for Underwater Housing?
Representative Brad Miller of North Carolina discusses an idea from San Bernardino County in California to help out underwater homeowners and help restore some sanity to their housing market. And of course Wall Street is going nuts about it. Well worth the read.

Electronic voting machines and gambling

The software code used in gaming machines, at casinos, is regulated and transparent.The software code used in voting machines is deemed “proprietary”, by the corporations that own them, and therefore is not subject to inspection. Do I have my facts correct? Well, we must make sure the games are honest or nobody would play them.

Another problem the Aurora murders uncovered.
One of my first thoughts about the massacre in Aurora was for those who were injured but lived. What about their insurance? Surely some weren’t insured. And even for those that were there is the specter of coverage limits, denial of charges and future “pre-existing condition” denials should the ACA be stopped by Republicans. Of course, for this tragedy charity is offering to cover many of the shortfalls.

But is this the system we want to have in place for the next tragedy? We know that something tragic will happen again. Why can’t we prepare for it and be ready ahead of time. This is the concept behind insurance. In the case of general tragedies, the insurance of the whole should come into play. That would be all of us acting through our government.

And the very best way to fix this problem immediately is to enact universal health care or medicare for all as quickly as possible.

I see that Congressman Loebsack is sponsoring legislation to help farmers survive the drought without losing their land. I don’t know what a republican from our district would do. But based on their candidate’s regurgitation of tea party talking points, my guess is that he would be more than happy to let you go bankrupt so the wealthy could swoop in and buy up the land of those unable to meet payment – er – I mean let market forces work.

Thank goodness we have a congressman who will do the right thing.

Unions slip, corporate power expands greatly.
For all those who bad mouth unions and have cheered at their demise, let me remind you of one of the worst consequences of unions losing what little power they had. Unions were one of the biggest checks on the unfettered power of corporations. Without unions we will see more and more politicians beholden to the corporations because they will be the major contributors to all candidates. Those are not donations for corporations, but investments with large future payoffs expected.

The corporate backed lawmakers will deepen the trend of making off-shoring work legal, will negate laws that protected worker’s health and safety,stymie real competition and dismantle living wage and social safety net laws. If you vote for an anti-union candidate you are cutting the throat of all current and future workers – especially your kids and grandkids.

In November, Women Will Remember
One issue that sure get more play in Iowa is Gov. Branstad’s stated position to buck the increased Medicaid money from the ACA in 2014. While this may shine up Terry’s image in the tea party circles, it is especially painful to those who depend on Medicaid, many of them single parent families headed by females. Few of them have alternatives, so by refusing the money, Branstad is rubbing their faces in the poverty that grinds on them daily.

To me the best way to combat this is to elect Democratic majorities in both houses of the Iowa legislature. The legislature can then help Branstad see the light on this issue.

Terry, my friend, it is very easy to be callous when you yourself are brining in over a quarter million a year.

ALEC was last week!
Missing your Republican legislator? He may have been at the ALEC canvention, getting a money recharge and his orders for next year. Saves them the trouble of thinking.


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